The Cherotic Revolutionary 3 The Cherotic Revolutionary
The Cherotic Revolutionary 3 cover

The Cherotic [r]Evolutionary #3

Cover Photograph of Annie Sprinkle "Eve"
by Richard Silvarnes; Artwork by LaBash
Frankly Speaking by Frank Moore
Glory! Gloryhole-leluhia! by Veronica Vera
with Photographs by Wink Van Kempen,
Robert Mapplethorpe and Annie Sprinkle
Oeidipus Pete by R. (Dixi) Cohn with artwork by LaBash
"Bubblehead Por-trit" of Annie Sprinkle by Lee Kay
Ellen/Annie by Annie Sprinkle
with Photograph by Marc Trunz
Annie/Anya by Annie Sprinkle
with Photograph by Amy Ardrey (Art Direction Leslie Barany)
My Formal Sex Teachers by Annie Sprinkle
with Photograph by Annie Sprinkle
I'm Just a Pubic Hair for Someone Bigger by Merle Tofer with Artwork by LaBash
Battle of the Sexes by Luna Sanguine
The Trumpet Player by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Photograph of Linda Carmella Sibio by Jan Deen
Frank Moore's "Philosophy of Art" 1987
Mikee self-portrait by LaBash

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