The Cherotic Revolutionary 4 The Cherotic Revolutionary
The Cherotic Revolutionary 4 cover

The Cherotic [r]Evolutionary #4

Cover Collage by LaBash
Frankly Speaking by Frank Moore
Warm Silk by Carol A. Queen
Photograph by Nina Glaser
Jesus Lives on Haight St. by Ana Christy
with Artwork by LaBash
Sex & Spirituality by James David Audlin
(Chief Distant Eagle)
Paintings by Joanna Pettit
Tribal Performance [Part 1] [Part 2]
by Frank Moore with Artwork by LaBash
Poster by John Seabury
Famous Cult Vidoes by Prof. Curtis
January 1991 at Langley/Porter Psychiatric Institute a confessional piece by Steven Kauffman
A Cherotic Fable by Trace DeHaven
Photographs of Linda Montano by Annie Sprinkle
Love Poem in Blue by Noni Howard
Poems by Robert W. Howington
Record Jacket by John Seabury
Back Cover Collage by LaBash
(Rubber Stamps by Imagick)

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To Order, send check made payable to INTER-RELATIONS to:
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