The Cherotic Revolutionary 5 The Cherotic Revolutionary
The Cherotic Revolutionary 5 cover

The Cherotic [r]Evolutionary #5

Cover by LaBash
In Defense of Bad Art by Frank Moore
Frankly Speaking by Frank Moore
No One Coming Near Your Voice, Billie! (for Billie Holiday) by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Cartoons by T.R.Miller
Nookie Days Over by Al Cunningham
A Letter from Robert W. Howington
H.R. Giger Under Your Skin
Conversation Between Two Muckrakers
- Paul Krassner interviewed by Frank Moore
with Photograph by Linda Mac
Telegraph Poles by George Kauffman
Ode to Frank Moore by Ana Christy
Review of Annie Sprinkle's Post Post Porn Modernist by Frank Moore
The Grand Barn by Peter Riden
The Secret of Creation: or How Do Women Know? by Barbara Smith
Photograph of performance group Breathe
by Linda Mac
TV Bathing by LaBash
Magical Masks by Frank Moore and James David Audlin (Chief Distant Eagle) with Photographs by Peter C. Turner
The Story of Mama's Mandolin by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Too Bad Good Thing by Antler
He Was A Very Stuuborn S.O.B. by Robert W. Howington
Poems by Molly Holzschlag
The Frank Zappa Sixties-Nineties Blues Raga
by Elliott
Lorena Bobbit Buddha by LaBash

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