The Cherotic Revolutionary 7 The Cherotic Revolutionary
The Cherotic Revolutionary 7 cover

The Cherotic [r]Evolutionary #7

Cover Illustration by LaBash
with Painting of Heather by Frank Moore
Photograph of Mrs. & Mrs. Silver-Sprinkle by Brad Fowler
Frankly Speaking by Frank Moore
with Artwork by Jose Garcia Montebravo and LaBash
The Walker by Brian Viveros
Shambolic Fragmentis by John Fleetham
with Artwork by LaBash
Etching by John Seabury
Illustrations by Sean Bieri
Hot Time at the Coffetable of History by Brian Carpenter
If Jesus Had A Hat He Wouldn't Need A Halo by Ana Christy
Photos of Heather by Matt
like a ravaged Lenny Bruce by elliott
Possessed by Lenny by Kevin Sampsell
Beauty Reality - a review of Tony Ryan's book of nude photographs by Frank Moore
Photographs by Tony Ryan
Oxygen by Jodi Bloom
with Artwork by LaBash
An American Agenda and by John Rich
Were You Envisioning A Circle? by John Rich
Ideas Happen Faster Than Thee Speed Ov Light by Lob
Try To Understand Eachother by Brian Viveros
Dancer by Robert L. Penick
"vincent" by Kara Pridgent
Say Cheese by Brian Viveros
Mainstream Avant-Garde? by Frank Moore
with Illustration by LaBash
Dear Linkmonster by Ray Heinrich
I Was A Stranger by George Kauffman
Tales From 1st Ave. in Belltown by R. Fleming
ASKANCE Update by Paul Couillard
with Artwork by Darren William Blunt
TC(r) Back Issues
Pole-Vaulting The Gate of Desire by LaBash

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