The Cherotic Revolutionary 8 The Cherotic Revolutionary
The Cherotic Revolutionary 8 cover "Very thought and libido provoking" Tero Lehto, Finland

The Cherotic [r]Evolutionary #8

Cover Photograph by Tony Ryan. Illustration by LaBash
Frankly Speaking by Frank Moore
Who Says? by George Kauffman
Illustration by Michael Alan Grapin
Theater Rant by Heidi Winkle
No Mess, Not Even In My Fucking Hair by Brian Viveros
Rethinking The Disability Agenda by Steven E. Brown
Artwork by David Aronson
Politician | Decay | Intolerance | Obsession | Illness | The Bad Mother
Artwork by Claudio Parentela
Assembling Magazines by Stephen Perkins
Photograph by Tony Ryan
Subject: India by Linda Montano
Artwork by Darren William Blunt
Grandpa by Anthony Lucero
Someone Else Who Loved Me by Ray Heinrich
Artwork by Daak Madison and John Seabury
Artwork by Claudio Parentela #1 | #2 | #3 | #4
SPECIAL INSERT: Out Of Isolation by Frank Moore
What Price Fame by Frank Moore
Everybody's Famous by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Artwork by LaBash
#479 by Blair Wilson
Scars by Janet Kuypers
Photographs by Michael Alan Grapin #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 | #5 | #6 | #7
Howdy Frank by Rick "Catfish" Bagby
Artwork by LaBash
Execrations Of The Buried Life by The Monk
Cartoon by Ralph Haselmann Jr.
Artwork by John Seabury
Siluetas by George Wirth
Monica Seles Dies, 76, Movie Star and Tennis Great by Darren Johnson
A Sexual Coquetry by Al Cunningham
Lost Friends Re-Friending by Jim DeWitt
La Fuerza Del Volumen by Al Cunningham
Artwork by LaBash
Being Molested? Being Abused? Being Taken Advantage Of? by Antler
Poem by Anna Wilson
Artwork by Claudio Parentela
#335 by Blair Wilson
Alone In The Madness Of Empty Nights by Mark Senkus
with a Letter and Artwork from him
Last Of The Beats by Ralph Haselmann Jr.
An Early Mourning Poem by Giovanni Moro
Artwork by Daak Madison
Cartoon by Ralph Haselmann Jr.
The Poem Will Save You by Raindog
When Ron O'Neal Was Superfly by R.L. Nichols
Frank Moore by Robert L. Penick
Artork by Ivan Preossler
Signals From Space by elliott
Ain't Disneyland Just Hell by LaBash

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