The Cherotic Revolutionary 6 The Cherotic Revolutionary
The Cherotic Revolutionary 6 cover

The Cherotic [r]Evolutionary #6

Cover Illustration by John Seabury
Spider Webb's Classic Tattoo Flash
Photograph of LaBash and John Seabury by Linda Mac
Frankly Speaking by Frank Moore
Disease by Al Cunningham
Photographs by Flo Fox
The Tincture of Holi Alkimy by Charles Chaim Wax
3.c by K.Atchley
Paintings by Florence Gray
Cartoons by T.R. Miller
Photographs by Tony Ryan
Madness Manifesto and The Day by George Kauffman
Application to Live in The South
848 Pleasures by Unru Lee
Photograph of Leslie Barany in an HR Giger Chair
Cartoon by Sean M. Bieri
Jesse's Blues by elliott (with a letter from him) with Artwork by LaBash
Lee's Unleaded Blues/ Chicago, South Side and Haight St. by Ana Christy with Artwork by LaBash
The Fall and Ruin: a Cry by Dr. Bryan D. Reddick
Pen & Ink Sketches by HR Giger
A Rant on an Open Mike by Frank Moore with Artwork by LaBash
Gold Digger (country song lyric) by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Photographs by Eric Boutilier-Brown
Sleepless Night by Al Cunningham
T.R. Miller Cartoonist
Monsters by Grasshopper with Artwork by LaBash
Talking about Jimmy by Will Sarvis with Cartoons by T.R. Miller
Illustrations [one] [two] [three] by Lorenzo Moya
Home Cooking of Greatest Hits by Frank Moore
(a review of Barbara Golden's Multimedia Package)
Perhaps Fish by Trader Riley
Their Cuddling Cocoon by Frank Moore with Artwork by LaBash
Taking Out The Brain by Janet Kuypers, The Mule by David Whitacre, It's Not Good to Repress Bodily Functions by Robert W. Howington with Artwork by LaBash and Cartoon by T.R. Miller
Poems by Mark Begley (with a letter from him)
White Boy Multiple Choice by Paul Weinman
Elogio & Repulsa de Graham Bell by Adrian Valdes Montalvan and Enrique del Risco (Enrisco)
Fuck Music by Ericka Slayer
Composition in Late Autumn by Noni Howard
Stuff For Sale
Chinese Mafia of the Cosmos by LaBash

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