The Cherotic Revolutionary #7

"Without a doubt, one of the best literary/art zines being published today -- there's a free-spirited attitude throughout Frank's zine that's hard to resist. Quite a few nudes, but they're usually done tastefully and never appear sleazy. Sometimes off-the-wall, sometimes bizarre, The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary is never dull -- and certainly very erotic. The art by LaBash throughout this issue is simply brilliant and the back cover is a thing of beauty (but not meant for the uptight). A few of the many highlights include Ana Christy's 'If Jesus Had a Hat He Wouldn't Need a Halo,' Kevin Sampsell's amusing 'Possessed by Lenny?' ('My two year-old says about 50 words. / One of his favorites is /'Fuck'') and Ray Heinrich's cyberspace poem on having a URL rejected for 'questionable language and/or subject matter.' I greatly enjoyed Frank's thought-provoking 'Mainstream Avant-Garde?,' a rant on art becoming mainstream. 'It takes a lot to enter, and to stay in, the underground,' he writes. 'The underground is where the real freedom and the real ability to change society are to be found.' A review of Tony Ryan's book of nude photographs makes an appropriate centerfold piece -- glade Frank decided to print a few samples. You may balk at the asking price, but art ain't cheap, brothers and sisters!
Ruel Gaviola, AMUSING YOURSELF TO DEATH #6, August 1997

"This is a fine zine photocopied but with thick cover and center stapled. Each issue is a work of art, with fine photography and drawings. Great cartoon artwork from Michael LaBash and a good mix of underground poetry and short stories. Issue number 7 out now features Frank Moore's review of Tony Ryan's book of nude photographs, Beauty Reality and some examples of his striking photography. A poem by Kevin Sampsell called Possessed by Lenny reads: 'My two year old says about 50 words. One of his favorites is 'Fuck' or as he phrases it 'Ohhhh fuck'. I think he may be possessed by the spirit of Lenny's cinematic double Dustin Hoffman and he's not even dead yet. So now we've rented Scent of a Woman because it seems like 'Hooyaahhh!' would be more fun for him to say and we wouldn't have to pay for an exorcist to get Mr. Hoffman's undead spirit to come out of our son.' Also great is a poem by Ana Christy, If Jesus Had A Hat He Wouldn't Need A Halo, reprinted elsewhere in this issue. All in all, superb work done by everyone. Check this zine out today!"
Lucid Moon, November 1997

Frank Moore & Co. have again created a beautiful collage of expression that many will want to have a look at, to experience really. The images, derived from the writing, artwork and photography, will, at the very least, get you to think about your everyday reality. TC(r), 'a zine of all possibilities,' cannot be defined with any one label. Sex zine? yes, erotic (in the widest sense) thoughts and play are used, but they are not exactly ends in themselves. They are used to help people to expand their reality, a reality that will be, hopefully, wholly of their own creation.

TC(r) volume 1 issue 7, 32 magazine-sized pages, contains, among other things: An editorial by Frank, speaking to those who might want to start their own zines or whatever, '...please don't be fooled by our 'technical quality'. We just have an in-house graphic art company. But all you need is good contents...which money can't buy. Good contents are in you...,' SHAMBOLIC FRAGMENTIS by John Fleetham,, an hallucinatory trip filled with unusual imagery; drawings by Sean Bieri, one of which is of a female emptying a can of tuna onto her cunt while her lover, a cat, hungrily eyes her (or his) meal; photos by Matt, the very real Heather is shown in different unposed poses, including one with her finger between her very attractive lips (touching her love-button?); a poem POSSESSED BY LENNY? by Kevin Sampsell, his two-year-old son has a vocabulary of 50 words, his favorite being 'fuck', is the little one possessed by Lenny Bruce?; a review of Tony Ryan's book BEAUTY REALITY by Frank Moore, according to Frank, 'a book of beautiful bodies naked...not just Hollywood Playboy 'beauty'...people, couples of both genders, mothers and children (can the dirty minded cry child abuse?), mothers-about-to-be, children (will the dirty minded cry child porn?)...and real living lusty women...,' included are four examples of Tony Ryan's excellent work; a poem OXYGEN by Jody Bloom, a man's wife has suddenly become 'a crazed nymphomaniac, like a teenager minus the embarrassment...' he's not at all as lucky as one might think; a poem AN AMERICAN AGENDA by John Rich, a very honest and sharp commentary on America being a police-state and more specifically its 'war on drugs;' a drawing with accompanying text by R. Fleming, 'stock power broker and yuppy' Lydia Index pays money to get it hard up the ass in some trash-filled back alley; and then there are Labash's great trance illustrations. Be sure to see some of his and Frank's work published here in OF#13.

Inter-Relations also produces videos. The videos are mostly about 'eroplay' - using erotic play to liberate the mind and body. It's good to see people who realize that, in general, WoMan's body has been desexualized. And that sexuality is often seen only as genital penetration. So the whole body needs to be resexualized; and that's why I encourage people to try kissing, nibbling, sucking, touching, fingering, dry-humping etc. People must stop describing these forms of expression as 'foreplay' - in truth, they are just different ways of expressing Eros. It appears that Frank Moore's eroplay consists of something very similar."
Open Forum #13

"Frank Moore, with Linda Mac have now come out with their "zine of all possibilities" #7 in which plenty of drawings and pictures make it most unique. Tony Ryan's B & W pictorial is a treat and there is a presentation made by Frank that indeed reveals much of Tony's talent. Beautiful women and interacting people presented with class. Annie Sprinkle is photographed with her friend Ms. Silver. As Frank indicates they have many other commitments aside from this publication so that it takes a little while for the next one to come. Their web of all possibilities is at"
The Affiliate, October 1997

"A peak into the fuel for the free life of Frank Moore. Bizarre and twisted visuals c/o LaBash, Brian Viveros, Darren Blunt, John Seabury, Sean Bieri, the beautiful nude photography of Tony Ryan from Australia, plus a review by Frank of Ryan's book Beauty Reality, another review, of a reading by poet Karen Finley, plus there's some interesting things here and there from Frank's E-salon. I don't know if it's worth $5, but it's really a good zine."
The Flashing Astonisher #10
"Erotic zine, as opposed to porn that is. Most of it is celebrating sexuality in all it's form, but there's some darker stuff here too, especially the illustrations by Brian Viveros which reminded me of Savoy's Lord Horror books. All the usual suspects are here - poetry, short fiction, art, reviews, true life stuff, plus photography, some explicit. Generally I think this is a good zine, although I'm not altogether certain. There's a good sense of interaction and networking from editor Frank Moore. If you're interested in sex zines in the States, this would be a good place to start. Of interest to comics fans is some revelatory art by Sean Bieri which might just blow your mind!"
The Review Sheet v2#6, November 1997

"A fine publication with great cartoon artwork by Michael LaBash and others and good mix of underground poetry and short stories. One of the best zines around. "
Ralph Haselmann, Lucid Moon 9/97

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