Frank Moore's Millenium

Millennium is underground like chaos/
all possibilities/turning the world upside down
Millennium is underground like passing go/billions getting turned on
at once /flip sides of the coin, yin yang,
goodwill, life-death ......would you rather grow older or younger?
Poet Larry Eigner and I heard the same program on
KALW, a reading from a book about foxes who grew,
not older but younger by the year, which sounds nice???
but what then, to go out yet another way into the all-giant
mystery, ---- one year old, none year old.......
the egg beckoning the best-looking sperm she
spots and puts out her feelers - back beyond that?
The millennium is underground like/blasting sound,
music roughed up by a washboard, something
sweet even if its dressed in heavy black leathers,
like a gorgeous bird singing

Underground like/to hell with status quo/like
let it all hang out/like what have you got to lose
in been' you!
Underground like/embracing the unknown
looking for precipices/camaraderie!

Underground like/porpoises, sea otters
cracking a shell on tummy, swimming on back,
like LUVeR, WeFest, the NET, swimming up stream,
to hell with floating downstream/

Underground like/liking what you like if it's
"not popular," "kid stuff," "not what everyone
"who is tagged as 'proper' correctly-suited, well
coifed, is doing"/liking what you like if it's about
peace, harmony, love unconditional no matter
if it has a few new wrinkles to it/liking what you
like even when/if it's censored, when/if it's not the
norm because the people who create the norm
are so abnormal/if it's not in the headlines but
might be in the funny papers

Millennium is
underground like laughing a lot, sometimes at
the wrong places, speaking of wrong, underground
as looking for MR. WRONG instead of Mr. Right,
underground as Nat Turner, Jesus and
Chief Seattle/as Eleanor Roosevelt, Frank Moore,
Allen Ginsberg and James Broughton/
underground as knowing cats are already
Buddhists, hot fudge sundaes are good for
everybody and don't trust ANYONE who refuses
to touch something fattening,
Millennium is underground as in the OZ books world
of Emerald City, little girl soldiers in revolution
taking over OZ (putting the men to cleaning/
sewing) -- the sawhorse to carry you everywhere
and Glenda with her Glass Dome City on the Lake which
with gears grinding enormously, can disappear
beneath the waters when trouble arises,
Millennium is underground as........../technology
running away with the spoon and the cow
staying home with good grass!

Written for Performance Artist, Frank Moore
On his 54th Birthday, 2,000
Performed, Poetry Series at Spasso and
Jesse’s Full Pantry, LUVeR, New Yr EVE
- with
Corey Nicholl on Keyboard

© Dorothy Jesse Beagle

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