I Don’t Do Necks!

I called my orthopedist’s office,
he was the one
who knew how to go beyond
the usual methods
He knew about wearing a neck brace
just at night,
and covering it with a little black lace,
but the 90's came and everything changed,
I called Dr. McKinley,
when encounter with a mugger
left my back and other parts
slightly injured.
"He doesn't do backs anymore," they said
but Dr. Park can see you.
I also hurt my wrist I said.
"Dr. Park doesn't do wrists,
that's Dr. Thompson,"
And one of my finger, I said,
"Dr. Thompson doesn't do hands,"
she said,
that's Dr. Brown."
A few years later, when I thought
I was used to their system
of body parts,
I called with my latest injury,
caused only by myself walking on the bed
to close the window,
sat myself down, rolled over
and heard a loud crash,
my head on the wall,

Again, I called Dr. McKinley,
"We have one doctor who does necks, but he's
new and couldn't see you."
well, I said,
it's connected to the head
and it's the head I hit!
"We don't do heads, she said,
you'd have to call a neurologist,"

But the injury to my neck
relates to the head,
and it's all,
part of the spine,
She said, "However,
you can call Dr. Park
who used to be in this office...."

Will he examine the head? I said,
she said,"No
he only does backs AND
I said, treating body parts
is interesting
but my cells are all talking
to one another

© Dorothy Jesse Beagle

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