Subject: art/spirituality
Date: Mon, 2 Mar 1998 01:45:52 -0800
From: (Blue)
To: Frank Moore <>

Hey, regarding Takayuki's comments about the all-nighter, they made me think, "what does the intersection of art and spirituality feel like?" There is art that can be said to be non-spiritual, there are forms of spirituality that can be said to be without art, but what happens when the art is so closely connected with spirituality that the lines disappear? What does it feel like? It may feel very much like a Frank Moore all-nighter.

I know that in my account I spent a lot of time talking about the sex, but what I was getting at is that walls were brought down and people confronted serious issues relating to human intimacy in a very playful, nonthreatening way. The fact that I even wrote about sex is something new for me (thanks to the all-nighter), because I'm usually very compartmentalized and closeted about it. The people who really participated connected in ways that are highly unlikely in ordinary interractions; on a spiritual, not only a physical level (of course, where do you divide the spiritual from the physical?).

Was it art? Everyone has a different definition of what art is and is not. My definition of art is: something purposefully created by the mind and heart which confronts universal issues in a way that touches the viewer/participant on a spiritual level (what "spiritual" and "spirituality" means is, of course, purely subjective). Advertising/graphic design then do not fit into that definition, but many spiritual ritual forms, including ecstatic nude dancing/playing altered-reality shamanistic explorations would certainly qualify. But again, what each person prefers is simply what each person prefers, and that is fine...


FEBRUARY 21, 1998


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