Opps, Blue. I thought I was sending out your message before this. Oh, well. Your account is truly amazing. Each person, including me, at this kind of performance knows/ sees/ experiences just a part of the total performance. It's rare that I get such a detailed account of another's experience .... except from the cast. thanks!

And now I can ramble, because Blue gave you folks the details.

Keith and Jess, sorry we couldn't come to you guys' sunday night performance ... but our performance ended at 6 a.m. or so ... We didn't get out of the space until 8, to bed until noon! We had gotten to the space 5pm saturday to set up and to tank up on chocolate! Yep, Leigh, you were there! Anyway, to get the performance to end at 6 (to save people from heavy parking tickets), I had to cut rituals out ... or it would have gone on to at least 9! As it was, this was our longest all-night ritual.

A lot of the 90+ people who came took their clothes right off which is unusual. Few paid at the low end ($5) of the sliding scale. A few paid as much as $40. (I would never have the nerve/desire to charge that much!) I am mentioning this in the hope that the concept of sliding scale will catch on.

Anyway, I have said the cast was the best. Alexi worked the door. Heidi and Corey joyously played bodymusic on each other's nude bodies, with jamming by Barb on keyboards and Gio on his machine ... and me on video tape. The bodymusic was so warm and fun, audience members joined Corey and Heidi to play bodies dropping body paint has made the body musicians more available to the audience.

This first section is always a physical trial of endurance and of surrender for each of us, to each of our tasks the musicians playing, Michael bringing each person to the cave, Linda doing the ritual guiding of each person within the cave, me and Teresa as the cave spirit relating to everyone who enters (usually we are pinned into one position for hours). All of this could get unbearably painful if we didn't joyously surrender and forget about limits of endurance but I must admit that, after four hours and Linda was still bringing people in to us and there was no end in sight I began to wonder about dying during a performance. But I had Teresa with me. She was amazing in her joy, fearlessness, lustiness, and total focus.

You have heard the details of what happened from bluebird and gio. Amazing music. (btw, Blue, the song is "God is Alive, Magic is Afoot" by Buffy Sainte-Marie.) Amazing dance!


It 's the first time in the 15 years or so that we have been doing this kind of ritual that some of the audience have became explicitly sexual (as oppose to eroplay). I have had much sleazier audience members. Except for the bathroom guy and another guy, the sexual players were direct and strangely innocent refreshing. But it was also social, keeping people within the realm of normalcy, keeping them outside the tribal body, keeping them in a very linear world. This is also why there was all of that chatting, which doesn't usually occur in the ritual. So after they "came," most of these people left, not seeing any other reason to stay, not even recognizing the much slower reality of the tribal intimacy surrounding them during THE MAGICAL CAVE LOVERS. I think they got a lot from the performance. But the sex really limited them. By going into other states of play eroplay and tansex (a nonlinear form of play in which orgasm is just one of many possibilities instead of being THE GOAL) other than sex, we could stay in the turned-on trance of the tribal body for hours beyond time!

Frank Moore

FEBRUARY 21, 1998


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