Sculpture - A live performance by Frank Moore

1982-1983, U.C. Berkeley Art Museum, Bancroft Way

The day I met a living sculpture

by Randy Whitney


Sunday was bright and beautiful in Berkeley. A week before Easter the flowers were just beginning to bud. Tricia and I decided to go to the U.C. Museum to see some art work. Tricia is an art student and her enthusiasm carried me through the upper floors. We saw Chinese ink drawings and remarked on their serenity, yet in the background we heard a mechanical voice nudging us back to modern times. I told Tricia it must be a work of art that talks. We walked on through Flemish painters and a Toulouse Lautrec imitator, but still heard that mechanical voice in the background. I said that they must have really gotten their quarter's worth. As we walked back to the first floor, we came into a room of surrealistic modernism. In the farthest corner, between two blobs of canvas, sat a living sculpture that talked to people as they walked by. I laughed when I saw him dressed in harlequin tights, and a red construction helmet. My curiosity moved me to talk to him. His computerized talk-box told me his name was Frank Moore and asked me and Tricia to read the notice taped to the front. I read in amazement at his accomplishments and he asked if Tricia and I would like to appear in his new movie. We anxiously said yes and gave our phone number. As we walked out into busy spring day Tricia and I both remarked on how like a piece of art Frank was. We both looked forward to hearing from him.



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