Sculpture - A live performance by Frank Moore

1982-1983, U.C. Berkeley Art Museum, Bancroft Way

Writer unknown


There are few humans who ever would want to stretch their very being across the awareness of multitudes, like a painting wrapped around an enormous stretcher; few who wish to donate their personalities to the public trust; scarcely any would hope to bare each inner process, each intimacy, as a public artifact - in short, few who aspire to make of their simple selves a Work of Art. Most don't want the responsibility. Most don't have the vanity. Frank, on the other hand, is up to the job. At times, he even has welcomed it as his self-appointed destiny. After all, someone has got to take charge of the moment, rescue it from the tedium of life's unceasing cocktail chatter; someone must keep each momentary possibility from dying of hesitation and delay. One day, when the sun shone forth and beckoned to him, Frank even installed himself, wheelchair, red hardhat with pointer and all, in a local museum, sitting patiently between the Braque and the Picasso with a typed not affixed to his letter board, stating,


"Title: Sculpture - A Live Performance

Media: Flesh, Cloth, Machine

Artist: Frank Moore, U.S.A., 1946 -

Touch the Art"

And then, at the bottom, the simple statement:

"This work is on loan by the artist."


Frank especially welcomed conversation and physical exchange, but was content just to be noticed, to have his title read, to cause a reaction. When a genuine interchange did not take place, merely causing a tremor, a disturbance in some unsuspecting soul's flow of awareness was, as usual, satisfaction enough for him.


Left to his own devices, Frank probably would not have shunned stardom, superstardom, or fame of any sort. But since Frank has set his life up so that he never could be left truly to his own devices, he was forced, ever so gently by others of us, but mainly was persuaded by the feedback of life itself, to accommodate himself to fame in the eyes of a very, very select circle of people. Those in the past who had beckoned to Frank with promises of collaboration and intimations of immortality, usually had objectives of their own which only became revealed after they had engaged Frank's support.



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