Frank Moore guides a person through THE INTRODUCTION TO CHEROTIC MAGIC, a 10-session journey of readings, intense conversations, and intense bodyplay rituals. Within the magical reality that is called forth I can bring out the magical keys hidden in the dense poetic mass, keys directly cast for that person's life, thereby greatly expanding the magical effect. The doing of private performance rituals with me prior to the intensive greatly increases the intensity and the magical possibilities of this training. Each session is 2-4 hours.

Some people, who have taken this intensive have gone on to be apprentices. But for most, this introduction to the backstage of living existence became a highly personal exploration of dimensions long half-hidden in their lives, using me and this training as a channeling medium.

Sliding scale: $15-$60 per session.
Call 510 526-7858

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"His stamina is unrelenting, and the music goes on and on. I am repelled but stuck: I can't turn away…"
S.F. WEEKLY, 2001

"Frank Moore is a revolutionary and highly respected artist of the underground community...."
fAZE3 Magazine July 1998

"Best of the Bay Area!"
S.F Bay Guardian

"One of the few people practicing performance art that counts."
Karen Finley, performance artist

"(Frank Moore is a)...major American artist"
Joey Manley, Director FStv Web Project

"Frank Moore is one of my performance teachers."
Annie Sprinkle, performance artist

" of the U.S.'s most controversial performance artists,...."
P-Form Magazine

"...He's wonderful and hilarious and knows exactly what it's all about and has earned my undying respect. What he's doing is impossible, and he knows it. That's good art...."
L.A. Weekly


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