The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary
Complete 1991-1999

a zine of all possibilities

In 1991, Kyle and Luna Griffith of S/R Press, who were at that time publishing shaman/performance artist Frank Moore’s book, Cherotic Magic, suggested that he start a zine. Thus was born The Cherotic Revolutionary (TCR). The name of the zine later morphed into The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary. Here is how Frank described TCR in his first “Frankly Speaking” column in issue 0. The “Frankly Speaking” column appeared at the beginning of each issue.

“TCR is a journal of the edge. TCR is an offensive movement or measure, offering alternatives to the fragmentation, isolation, personal helplessness which is actively promoted by the combine of power systems. TCR is anarchical, based on the personal responsibility to reshape reality into a more human, trusting, loving reality, full of fun and pleasure. TCR is not a reaction. It is a magical act of enjoying life. It is a journal of and for people who are doing this magical act. … we finally have a channel of communications among the personal revolutions ... otherwise known as mutations ... which has always been the main fuel for evolution. Now we magical misfits know we are not alone, that there are others out/in here/there feeling, thinking, trying, doing similar things. This just by itself should speed evolution up.”

Later he wrote in “Frankly Speaking” for issue #5:
“I need to thank the zine community for all the kind reviews of TC(r) over the years. I only wish they would not classify TC(r) as a sex zine. We do have a lot of sex in us. We will never shy away from that. But we really are an Anarchist/ Arts/ Avant-Garde/ Experimental/ Art/ Beat/ Cartoons/ Community/ Counter-Culture/ Alternatives/ Culture/ Dada/ Surrealism/ Erotica/ Essays/ Ethics/ Feminism/ Fiction/ Gay/ Humanism/ Humor/ Interview/ Lesbianism/ Libertarian/ Literature (General)/ Magic/ Non-Fiction/ Philosophy/ Photography/ Poetry/ Prose/ Psychology/ Satire/ Sex/ Short Stories/ Spiritual zine ... or a life on the edge zine ... for short.”

Nine issues of the zine were published during the 1990s featuring articles and poetry by Frank Moore, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, Carol Queen, Karen Finley, Noni Howard, Jack Foley, Ana Christy, Lob, Robert W. Howington, Dorothy Jesse Beagle, Linda Montano and many more. The zine also included lots of artwork and photos by the likes of H.R. Giger, Annie Sprinkle, John Seabury, Tony Ryan, Brian Viveros, T.R. Miller, Sean Bieri, Claudio Parentela, LaBash and many others.

The first three issues (0-2) were published by S/R Press. In 1993, Frank took over publishing through his nonprofit, Inter-Relations.

Frank put the project “on indefinite hiatus” in 1999 because he had just started a 24/7 live internet streaming “radio” station, Love Underground Visionary Radio,, that was demanding more and more of his time.


The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #0

Cover by LaBash
"Speaking Frankly" by Frank Moore
"The Edge" by Kyle Griffith
Flier: Introduction to Cherotic Magic
Flier: Frank Moore's "Passion Play" performance, May 10, 1991
Forward to Forum 25 Years Celebration Compilation -- Tuppy Owens
"Outlaw Artists" - Jack Helbig (from New City, Chicago, 10/11/90)
"Museum of Love-Making" by Frank Moore
Correspondence with Brenda Tatelbaum
Letter from Brenda McCann
Flier: Ancient Ways Bookstore appearance by Frank Moore, April 19, 1991
Review of Cherotic Magic by Barbara Smith
Review of Cherotic Magic by Kyle Griffith
Letter from Colin Wilson
Letters from Steve Hirsch
Review of Chero Company performance by Albert Williams (from Chicago City Reader, October 5, 1990)
"Berkeley Artists Under Investigation" by Kirstin Russell (from the Berkeley Voice, October 25, 1990)
"An Open Letter to Jesse Helms" by Frank Moore
Flier for the Frank Moore Apprenticeship
Videos, Music, Books, etc. for sale by Frank Moore & S/R Press

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #1

Cover by LaBash
"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Moore
"The Black Sheep" by Karen Finley
with illustration by LaBash
"The Psalms of Love" by Noni Howard
"Succubus" by Tracy Mostovoy
Photographs by Tracy Mostovoy
"Luna" by LaBash
"Maxine and the Goddess" by Kyle Griffith
Cartoons by Will of the Wisp
"Nonlinear Bits" by Frank Moore
"Cherotic License" by Luna Griffith
Correspondence of Frank Moore and Brenda Tatelbaum
Answers to the Mail
"Jack/Adelle" by Frank Moore
"Broughton Fountain" by Jack Foley
"Something's Going ON!" by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Artwork by LaBash
Photograph by Eric Kroll

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #2

Cover "Bubblehead Por-trit" of Frank Moore
by Lee Kay
"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Moore
"Cultural Subversion" by Frank Moore
with illustration by LaBash
"Definitions" by Frank Moore
"A. Crowley (The Beast 666)" by H.R. Giger
"The Political Correctness Mafia" by Curtis York
"Simulation/Stimulation" digitized photograph by Peter Petrisko, Jr.
Publisher's Introduction to Cherotic Magic
by Kyle Griffith
Drawing by John Seabury
Review of Frank Moore's "Passions Play" performance by Stavros Krysiak
Photograph of Frank Moore by Kevin Rice
"I Bet God, Pt. 1" by Barnaby Chancellor
Back Cover by LaBash

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #3

Cover Photograph of Annie Sprinkle "Eve"
by Richard Silvarnes; artwork by LaBash
"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Moore
"Glory! Gloryhole-leluhia!" by Veronica Vera
with photographs by Wink Van Kempen,
Robert Mapplethorpe and Annie Sprinkle
"Oeidipus Pete" by R. (Dixi) Cohn with artwork by LaBash
"Bubblehead Por-trit" of Annie Sprinkle by Lee Kay
"Ellen/Annie" by Annie Sprinkle with photograph by Marc Trunz
"Annie/Anya" by Annie Sprinkle with photograph by Amy Ardrey (Art Direction Leslie Barany)
"My Formal Sex Teachers" by Annie Sprinkle
with photograph by Annie Sprinkle
"I'm Just a Pubic Hair for Someone Bigger" by Merle Tofer with artwork by LaBash
"Battle of the Sexes" by Luna Sanguine
"The Trumpet Player" by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Photograph of Linda Carmella Sibio by Jan Deen
Frank Moore's "Philosophy of Art" 1987
"Self-portrait" by LaBash

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #4

Cover Collage by LaBash
"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Moore
"Warm Silk" by Carol A. Queen
Photograph by Nina Glaser
"Jesus Lives on Haight St." by Ana Christy
with artwork by LaBash
"Sex & Spirituality" by James David Audlin
(Chief Distant Eagle)
Paintings by Joanna Pettit
"Tribal Performance" by Frank Moore with artwork by LaBash
Poster by John Seabury
"Famous Cult Videos" by Prof. Curtis
"January 1991 at Langley/Porter Psychiatric Institute: a confessional piece" by Steven Kauffman
"A Cherotic Fable" by Trace DeHaven
Photographs of Linda Montano by Annie Sprinkle
"Love Poem in Blue" by Noni Howard
Poems by Robert W. Howington
Record Jacket by John Seabury
Back Cover collage by LaBash
(Rubber Stamps by Imagick)

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #5

Cover by LaBash
"In Defense of Bad Art" by Frank Moore
"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Moore
"No One Coming Near Your Voice, Billie! (for Billie Holiday)" by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Cartoons by T.R. Miller
"Nookie Days Over" by Al Cunningham
A Letter from Robert W. Howington
H.R. Giger Under Your Skin
"Conversation Between Two Muckrakers"
- Paul Krassner interviewed by Frank Moore
with photograph by Linda Mac
"Telegraph Poles" by George Kauffman
"Ode to Frank Moore" by Ana Christy
Review of Annie Sprinkle's "Post Post Porn Modernist" by Frank Moore
"The Grand Barn" by Peter Riden
"The Secret of Creation: or How Do Women Know?" by Barbara Smith
Photograph of performance group Breathe
by Linda Mac
"TV Bathing" by LaBash
"Magical Masks" by Frank Moore and James David Audlin (Chief Distant Eagle) with photographs by Peter C. Turner
"The Story of Mama's Mandolin" by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
"Too Bad Good Thing" by Antler
"He Was A Very Stubborn S.O.B." by Robert W. Howington
Poems by Molly Holzschlag
"The Frank Zappa Sixties-Nineties Blues Raga"
by Elliott
"Lorena Bobbit Buddha" by LaBash

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #6

Cover Illustration by John Seabury
Spider Webb's Classic Tattoo Flash
Photograph of LaBash and John Seabury by Linda Mac
"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Moore
"Disease" by Al Cunningham
Photographs by Flo Fox
"The Tincture of Holi Alkimy" by Charles Chaim Wax
"3.c" by K.Atchley
Paintings by Florence Gray
Cartoons by T.R. Miller
Photographs by Tony Ryan
"Madness Manifesto" and "The Day" by George Kauffman
Application to Live in The South
"848 Pleasures" by Unru Lee
Photograph of Leslie Barany in an HR Giger Chair
Cartoon by Sean M. Bieri
"Jesse's Blues" by elliott (with a letter from him) with artwork by LaBash
"Lee's Unleaded Blues/ Chicago, South Side" and "Haight St." by Ana Christy with artwork by LaBash
"The Fall and Ruin: a Cry" by Dr. Bryan D. Reddick
Pen & Ink sketches by HR Giger
"A Rant on an Open Mike" by Frank Moore with artwork by LaBash
"Gold Digger" (country song lyric) by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Photographs by Eric Boutilier-Brown
"Sleepless Night" by Al Cunningham
T.R. Miller Cartoonist
"Monsters" by Grasshopper with artwork by LaBash
"Talking about Jimmy" by Will Sarvis with Cartoons by T.R. Miller
Illustrations by Lorenzo Moya
"Home Cooking of Greatest Hits" by Frank Moore (a review of Barbara Golden's Multimedia Package)
"Perhaps Fish" by Trader Riley
"Their Cuddling Cocoon" by Frank Moore with artwork by LaBash
"Taking Out The Brain" by Janet Kuypers, "The Mule" by David Whitacre, "It's Not Good to Repress Bodily Functions" by Robert W. Howington with artwork by LaBash and Cartoon by T.R. Miller
Poems by Mark Begley (with a letter from him)
"White Boy Multiple Choice" by Paul Weinman
"Elogio & Repulsa de Graham Bell" by Adrian Valdes Montalvan and Enrique del Risco (Enrisco)
"Fuck Music" by Ericka Slayer
"Composition in Late Autumn" by Noni Howard
Stuff For Sale
"Chinese Mafia of the Cosmos" by LaBash

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #7

Cover Illustration by LaBash
with painting of Heather by Frank Moore
Photograph of Mrs. & Mrs. Silver-Sprinkle by Brad Fowler
"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Moore with artwork by Jose Garcia Montebravo and LaBash
"The Walker" by Brian Viveros
"Shambolic Fragmentis" by John Fleetham
with artwork by LaBash
Etching by John Seabury
Illustrations by Sean Bieri
"Hot Time at the Coffetable of History" by Brian Carpenter
"If Jesus Had A Hat He Wouldn't Need A Halo" by Ana Christy
Photos of Heather by Matt
"like a ravaged Lenny Bruce" by elliott
"Possessed by Lenny" by Kevin Sampsell
"Beauty Reality - a review of Tony Ryan's book of nude photographs" by Frank Moore
Photographs by Tony Ryan
"Oxygen" by Jodi Bloom with artwork by LaBash
"An American Agenda" by John Rich
"Were You Envisioning A Circle?" by John Rich
"Ideas Happen Faster Than Thee Speed Ov Light" by Lob
"Try To Understand Eachother" by Brian Viveros
"Dancer" by Robert L. Penick
"vincent" by Kara Pridgent
"Say Cheese" by Brian Viveros
"Mainstream Avant-Garde?" by Frank Moore
with illustration by LaBash
"Dear Linkmonster" by Ray Heinrich
"I Was A Stranger" by George Kauffman
"Tales From 1st Ave. in Belltown" by R. Fleming
"ASKANCE Update" by Paul Couillard with artwork by Darren William Blunt
TC(r) Back Issues
"Pole-Vaulting The Gate of Desire" by LaBash

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #8

Cover Photograph by Tony Ryan. Illustration by LaBash
"Frankly Speaking" by Frank Moore
"Who Says?" by George Kauffman
Illustration by Michael Alan Grapin
"Theater Rant" by Heidi Winkle
"No Mess, Not Even In My Fucking Hair" by Brian Viveros
"Rethinking The Disability Agenda" by Steven E. Brown
Artwork by David Aronson
Artwork by Claudio Parentela
"Assembling Magazines" by Stephen Perkins
Photograph by Tony Ryan
"Subject: India" by Linda Montano
Artwork by Darren William Blunt
"Grandpa" by Anthony Lucero
"Someone Else Who Loved Me" by Ray Heinrich
Artwork by Daak Madison and John Seabury
Artwork by Claudio Parentela
SPECIAL INSERT: "Out Of Isolation" by Frank Moore
"What Price Fame" by Frank Moore
"Everybody's Famous" by Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Artwork by LaBash
"#479" by Blair Wilson
"Scars" by Janet Kuypers
Photographs by Michael Alan Grapin
"Howdy Frank" by Rick "Catfish" Bagby
Artwork by LaBash
"Execrations Of The Buried Life" by The Monk
Cartoon by Ralph Haselmann Jr.
Artwork by John Seabury
"Siluetas" by George Wirth
"Monica Seles Dies, 76, Movie Star and Tennis Great" by Darren Johnson
"A Sexual Coquetry" by Al Cunningham
"Lost Friends Re-Friending" by Jim DeWitt
"La Fuerza Del Volumen" by Al Cunningham
Artwork by LaBash
"Being Molested? Being Abused? Being Taken Advantage Of?" by Antler
Poem by Anna Wilson
Artwork by Claudio Parentela
"#335" by Blair Wilson
"Alone In The Madness Of Empty Nights" by Mark Senkus with a Letter and artwork from him
"Last Of The Beats" by Ralph Haselmann Jr.
"An Early Mourning Poem" by Giovanni Moro
Artwork by Daak Madison
Cartoon by Ralph Haselmann Jr.
"The Poem Will Save You" by Raindog
"When Ron O'Neal Was Superfly" by R.L. Nichols
"Frank Moore" by Robert L. Penick
Artwork by Ivan Preissler
"Signals From Space" by elliott
"Ain't Disneyland Just Hell" by LaBash

Praise for The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #2:

(TC(r)#2) "is fuckin' great! A little weird, but fuckin' great! I love the art work. It lends a whole new meaning to the word psychedelic. I enjoyed the surrealism also. Being somewhat of an artist & musician I enjoy it all provided it is done well. Or beauty is in the eye or ear of the beholder. I guess."
—Uncle Junky, editor of Yello Submarine 'Zine

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #3:

"Here is a zine that almost defies description..."
—Maximum RocknRoll July 1993

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #4:

"A curious mixture of sex, spirituality and tribal magic. Warm Silk, by Carol Queen was really good – truly erotic, which is something not many things are. Generally mad bad gender bending stereotype bashing (like people with disabilities are sexual) taboo breaking material. Photos by Annie Sprinkle and one by Nina Glaser which i found quite disturbing, a moving and disturbing poem about incarceration in a mental hospital, various other poetry in lighter veins, and articles and prose. Guaranteed to deeply offend some people and delight others."
—ByPass (England)

"I just got ... The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary and I am blown away. This is an incredible zine, you should be very proud!!! I was so impressed I dropped everything I was doing and read it cover to cover."
—Molly Holzschlag, artist

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #5:

"If a zine could be a performance art piece, Cherotic is it. What a wild, crazy smorgasbord of mind blowing sensory assault. And it's all tied together through the "shamanistic," erotic, electrified art of Frank Moore. In the future, when we look back at the 90s, wondering where the freaky culture came from, Cherotic and Moore will be a couple of its heros."
—Sticky Green, The Sinner's Bible

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #6:

"Frank's really outdone himself this time. What caught my attention are all the great photos from Flo Fox, Tony Ryan, and Eric Boutilier Brown. I know these pics of nude women are supposed to be artistic and all, but 'scuse me while I say 'woo woo!' You also have H.R. Giger (!), elliott, Ana Christy, Ericka Slayer, Paul Weinman, and Robert W. Howington among others. Don't forget LaBash's art on the back. That 'Application to Live in the South' will probably piss some people off, but it's still funny. The layout really burns a streak up the mountain, but without being overbearing like some of those slick craprags. As much fun to look at as it is to read."
—Bleeding Velvet Octopus #6

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #7:

"Without a doubt, one of the best literary/art zines being published today -- there's a free-spirited attitude throughout Frank's zine that's hard to resist. Quite a few nudes, but they're usually done tastefully and never appear sleazy. Sometimes off-the-wall, sometimes bizarre, The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary is never dull -- and certainly very erotic. The art by LaBash throughout this issue is simply brilliant and the back cover is a thing of beauty (but not meant for the uptight)."

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary #8:

“a zine caught between wisdom and child's play, sex, and good ideas.”
—Jesse Beagle

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