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You have entered The Web of All Possibilities. To enter the room of The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary click here. In the material world, TC(r) is the B & W zine we have put out for over six years. "We" are Linda, Michael, Corey, Alexi, Erika and yours truly. It quickly evolved from an organ of shameless self-promotion in Issue #0 into, by Issue #1, a zine about "The Edge" for and by people on The Edge ... if not over The Edge. But you probably got here by searching one of the words in this description: Frank Moore's Anarchist, Arts, Avant-Garde, Experimental, Art, Beat, Cartoons, Community, Counter-Culture, Alternatives, Culture, Dada, Surrealism, Erotica, Essays, Ethics, Feminism, Fiction, Gay, Humanism, Humor, Interview, Lesbianism, Libertarian, Literature (General), Magic, Non-Fiction, Philosophy, Photography, Poetry, Prose, Psychology, Satire, Sex, Short Stories, Spiritual zine. Well, it may not be what you had in mind ... but you will not be bored!

Got to Reviews To get more of an idea of what you just stumbled into, click on Reviews and read some. I'll wait until you get back.

And what is a cherotic (r)evolutionary? Well .... Chero is the physical life energy. I created the word "chero" by combining "chi" and "eros". And revolution is the mutation stage/phase in the process of evolution ... so an erotic mutant for life!

Got to TC(r) Contents Anyway, Michael LaBash designs TC(r) and this web of reality (click here to go to his Michael LaBash Graphic Design company). Go to Frankly Speaking What we have done here is put the List of Contents of each TC(r) issue and put selected items ... writings, art, photos, etc .... for you to Got to our Catalogclick on. Keep in mind that these ain't necessarily the best stuff .... mainly Michael's drawings, some of my writings, and my Frankly Speaking columns get the best stuff you can buy the actual zine from us. But just think ... if these pieces are so very good (hey, we are not modest!), imagine what the best shit is like. Visit our Catalog often!

Go to see LaBash art If you like Michael's drawings, click on LaBash to see a lot more of them. You visual artists and photographers who want to send your work to be put in to the pool of possibilities for TC(r), LABASH is where to e-send your work. Writers, you can click on ME to send your work. By sending us your work, you are giving us your permission to publish your work. If we use your work, you'll get a comp copy ... so include your mailing address.

Go to the Shaman's Cave If you like my writings, click on The Shaman's Cave. There we will talk in depth about art, magic, personal relationships, reality-shaping, sex ... well about life. And come in and see some of my oil paintings.

Join the E-Salon! To start e-talking with me, just click on ME ( and write away! What do you think of our site? If you want to perform with me, act with me, sing with me, jam with me, play with me, or study with me, just click on ME and we will talk about it.

Go to the Telephone Pole To get the skinny on our up-coming performances, gigs, rituals, and other happenings, just click on The Telephone Pole. The telephone pole is outside the The Poster Gallery which is a history of my performances as documented through LaBash's pole art.

Go to HotlinksHot Links are other rooms in this web of reality. Keep in mind that we are just starting to build this web. So keep coming back and explore!

Go to The Intimate Theater Visit The Intimate Theater, your portal to visions of alternative / altered realities beyond taboos or limits. Pull up your easy chair to the computer and watch underground films, humanly erotic videos, moving art, footage of live events, and other original productions. And keep coming back ... because we will be always changing the playbill.

Head into the Lobby of the Featured Artist's Gallery. Currently on exhibit are the works of Dorothy Jesse Beagle, David Steinberg, Fred Hatt, John Rich and Mike Hovancsek.

Go to the Shaman's Cave Visit The Magical Treasure Chest of Hidden Jewels featuring art, poetry, photographs and other surprises ...
Read the Cover Story on Frank Moore in the East Bay Express by Will Harper

And of course enjoy!
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