January 2023

BAMPFA, the museum at UC Berkeley, is having a solo exhibit of Frank’s oil paintings from January 25 to April 23, 2023. The show was curated by Keith Wilson and Vincent Fecteau. Photos from the exhibit are here.

November 2022

We have published a new 716-page full-color hardcover book: The Uncomfortable Zones of Fun: The Temescal Period 2009-2013

August 2021

Frank’s writings are now being posted on Substack: frankmoore.substack.com

July 2021

All of Frank Moore’s books are now available to read on the Internet Archive. They are all available from this minisite!

July 2020

The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary Complete 1991-1999. All nine issues of the zine Frank published in the 1990s. 364-page hardcover and paperback are available.

August 2019

Frank Moore’s Vimeo account was terminated!
On Wednesday August 21, 2019, Vimeo abruptly terminated Frank's account for violating their “guidelines”. Frank had over 700 videos in his account that we have been uploading on a weekly basis for over eight years. His videos had over 33 million plays on Vimeo.com. It will take us a while to get them all back up at a new place ... but they will slowly start appearing on the site again as we upload them to their new home!

July 2019

We are currently working on Episode 15 of the “Let Me Be Frank” web video series. You can watch all of the episodes so far at frankadelic.com.

June 2019

The new book, “How to Handle an Anthropologist: Russell Shuttleworth, PhD interviews shaman/performance artist Frank Moore” is now available!

May 2019

Read a new article by Stephen Perkins about Frank’s zine The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary.

June 2018

One of Frank's oil paintings, “Patti Smith”, is included in the current exhibition , “Way Bay 2” , at the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA). See photos from the exhibit by Keith Wilson here.
Way Bay 2 runs from June 13 – September 2, 2018.
Exhibit info here

April 2018

Two of Frank’s oil paintings, “Patti Smith” and “Mariah” were added to the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA) permanent collection. See photos of them picking up the paintings here.

November 2017

We have started a new blog: The Frank Moore Archives - Hidden treasures discovered while digging through Frank Moore's huge archives.

September 2017

Frank Moore’s work is now being archived at the Bancroft Library at the University of Berkeley, California. More...

April 2017

Check out the new Featured Artist, Stephen Emanuel!

March 2017

Episode 6, “Learning The Trickster’s Art”, of the web video series, Let Me Be Frank, is completed and available to watch!.

September 2016

There are now 4 episodes completed and available to watchof the new web video series, Let Me Be Frank!.

March 2016

Watch the new opener/trailer for the new web video series, Let Me Be Frank !.

February 2016

Here is a great article by Tom Dalzell about Frank and our home on Quirky Berkeley.

Check out Frank Moore's Amazon Author Page.

August 2015

Check out the new T-Shirt page! Lots of old and new Frank Moore t-shirts are available.

July 2015

The Ultimate Wounded Healer
A Review of Frankly Speaking: A Collection of Essays, Writings and Rants by Dr. Susan Block

June 2015

The new book, DEEP CONVERSATIONS IN THE SHAMAN'S DEN, VOLUME 1 is featured in the East Bay Express, "The Infamous Interviews of Frank Moore" by Sarah Burke.

Check out the new Featured Artist, video artist Joe Quinn!

April 2015

The new book, DEEP CONVERSATIONS IN THE SHAMAN'S DEN, VOLUME 1 is now available here!

May 2014

Listen to a special Radical Perspectives on Berkeley Liberation Radio with Gerald Smith, Corey Nicholl, Alexi Malenky and Erika Shaver-Nelson that features readings from many of Frank's books. May 31, 2014.

Frank's book, Art Of A Shaman, is now available on Amazon.com. More information and ordering info >.

Frank's book of poetry and paintings, Skin Passion are now available on Amazon.com. More information and ordering info >.

February 2014

A new 300-page collection of Frank's writings, Frankly Speaking: A Collection of Essays, Writings and Rants, is now available. More information and ordering info >.

October 2013

Frank Moore 1946-2013

July 2013

New Featured Artist ARTelevision! An archive of their live webcam performances form 1998 through 2000.

May 2013

Frank's group on Vimeo.com,

November 2012

Lots of new performances in the Performance Archives have been posted.

October 2012

Frank's new full-color book, Skin Passion, of his poetry and paintings is now available here.

July 2012

Frank cracked 10,000 plays in one day on his Vimeo.com site.

December 2011


November 2011

Check out the new Frank Moore Video and Performance Retrospective. We're ading more to all the time.

August 2011

Frank created a new group on Vimeo.com, Nude Performance Art, Dance and Video. Come and join!

We also continue to add new content to the Performance Archives!

June 2011

A retrospective of Frank's work has just been launched on VIMEO. Although Moore started doing art in the late sixties, this retrospective covers his performance, video, and music works from the late seventies to the present, giving an overview of this controversial artist. Check it out here!

April 2011

A great new interview with Frank by Kotori Magazine just came out. Read the full article.

March 2011

Art Of A Shaman is available now as a beautiful full-color paperback.

January 2011

The Uncomfortable Zones Of Fun is back Check out the Performance Archives for photos and text about the eries so far!

Frank was The Erotic Greeter at the Pow! Pow! Pow! festival in October 2010. Check out the photos and read about the performance.

July 2010

We've put up a blog for people to follow Frank's progress recovering from a month and a half stay in Intensive Care...the Hospital Recovery Blg 2010.

May 2010

Erotic Friction performance write-up and photos here

Ongoingocumentation of the entire Reality Playings performance series


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Read about my last performance!

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Stephen Emanuel

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Frank Moore's Web of All Possibilities

This picture won't change!
To see the webcam in full action go to
Frank's WebCam Home Page
Frank's WebCam Remote Viewing

Visit the Blue StudioCam

Frank Moore
sees more pussy
than your average
pet shop
has had Annie Sprinkle
acrosss his lap
has survived
the calamity
and holocaust
and gethsemani
of life, yet
smiles like a
beautific child
when cameras
gun him down.

-- Robert L. Penick

Hi, I am Frank Moore, your host.

Well, you came into our reality cave even after that warning. That should mean you are an adult willing to be in a reality without padding, limits, taboos... that you are willing to be offended, challenged, shocked, turned-on, inspired, touched, moved to tears or to laughter by words, images, bodies, ideas. If you are not such a willing adult, please leave now.

You who are under 18-21, don't come in! God knows, we don't want to corrupt your morals!

And you thought-cops, please note all of the contents of this web of reality are art and/or social commentary ... and hence protected speech. But if you want to tango with me... well, I have my dancing shoes on. After all, I was one of the original seven performance artists Sen. Jesse Helms targeted as "obscene" ... and I am still doing art!

Monday, June 17, 1996

I wrote the above before THE TELECOMMUNATION BILL was thrown out with the trash. But I will keep the above up because there will always be thought-cops and other forces of repression with their cold mugs of hemlock. We artists who deal in cultural subversion (some call it corruption of morals) should always be prepared to take that bitter drink. And as for teenagers ... as I remember my youth, being an idealist with the revolutionary bent, there was nothing that could keep me from The Underground. I would always sneak into the circus tent of the forbidden.

Now that we got all that out of the way, come right this way ...
explore The Web of All Possibilities ... get lost in it ... spend hours here! Here, around every corner, you will come across underground artists such as Mapplethorpe, Giger, Annie Sprinkle, Veronica Vera, LaBash, Karen Finley, Leslie Barany, Eric Kroll, Paul Krassner, and dozens more! And of course, me!

So again, come right this way!
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December 2012



December 2011


November 22, 2006

The Pope of Punk,
Dirk Dirksen
died in his sleep
Sunday, November 19, 2006.

Read on...

December 2003

Read an nterview of LaBash
by Claudio Parentela for an Italian website

Michael LaBash; The Interview ...

November 2003

Read an interview
The Graphic Graphic Art Of Michael LaBash
By Mark Mackintosh
of Underdog-Online

September 2003

Read an interview with Frank Moore
The Dream Weaver:
Frank Moore and the Art of Performance

By Mark Mackintosh
of Underdog-Online

July 2003
Dedicated to Frank Moore on his 57th Birthday

Joy is an ocean polishing us
A little friction kept cool between friends,
neighbor granules of granite in the
tumbling turns of time and tide.
We succumb as soft playmates of surf
echoing her lyrical rocking.

With love and gratitude, Kirsten Rose
June 25, 2003

January 2003

Read the Cover Story on Frank Moore
in the
East Bay Express by Will Harper!
July 2002

Photo of Frank Moore, Linda Mac
and the Rampage Radio (KUSF) crew
after Frank's appearance on the show
July 28, 2002

November 2001

Photos of Teresa's Birthday 2001
with an erotic cake by Harry the Baker

September 2001

New Posters by Frank Moore

May 3, 2001

check this out....just came out in the S.F.WEEKLY...the first story.
More Is Moore
Frank Moore's Cherotic All Star Band provides
nudity, music, cerebral palsy,
and, perhaps, art
By Silke Tudor
Merry Christmas 1999!!
card painted by Frank Moore

August 23, 1998

Check out Corey's Birthday Card by LaBash!
If you like what you see and want to be a part of the (r)evolution ... risk it! E-mail ME (fmoore@eroplay.com) ... Send me (copies of) your writings, art, music, whatever ... and a SASE if it is by snail mail (P.O. Box 11445, Berkeley, CA 94712) and if you want your stuff back ... and I might send it through one of our several channels of underground communications ... but be patient ... our channels are small!
We have noticed that you guys and gals are going to pages with sexy sounding titles. This is understandable and human. But you are missing a lot of erotically hot stuff! This is because I don't play fair! I have put a lot of the hot stuff (a lot of which is rare) throughout the site without screaming labels. So, to see and hear "the good stuff," you'll have to explore the site, page by page ... it'll be worth it! And one hint ... The Hot Links are just that ... HOT!!!
BTW, if you find the work on this site a part of your dream and you want to do something with me ... either study with me and/or be in my art ... e-mail ME. This is especially true if you live in the S. F. Bay Area. But even if you live far away, we can work something out. For example, I performed in L. A., Tempe, and Toronto in the past year ... and needed local people for my cast!

And that reminds me ... you could always get me to your city and country to perform! Or buy something from the Catalog!

Cheap and Available,

Come right this way!
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