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Frank Moore was an American performance artist, shaman, teacher, poet, essayist, painter, musician, and internet/television personality who experimented in art, performance, ritual, and shamanistic teaching from the late 1960s until his death in 2013 in Berkeley, California.


Moore is well known as one of the NEA-funded artists targeted by Jesse Helms in the early ’90s for doing art that was labeled “obscene”.  He is also well known for long (5–48 hours) ritualistic performances with audience participation, nudity, and eroticism.


Moore coined the word, “eroplay” to describe physical play between adults released from the linear goals of sex and orgasm. He explored this, and similar concepts in performance and ritual as a way for people to break through isolation, and connect on a deep human level beyond the social and cultural expectations and limitations.


Moore was born with cerebral palsy, could not walk or talk, and wrote books, directed plays, made award-winning films, gave poetry readings, played piano, sang in music jams, lead rock bands, and hosted a live variety show on his radical webstation, which he ran for 14 years.  Frank's original oil and digital paintings have been shown across the United States and in Canada. Moore communicated using a laser-pointer and a board of letters, numbers, and commonly used words.


From 1991 to 1999 Frank Moore published and edited the acclaimed underground zine, The Cherotic (r)Evolutionary.  In addition to his books, Cherotic Magic, Art of a Shaman, Chapped Lap, Skin Passion and numerous other self-published pieces, Moore was widely published in magazines and books.


In the 1970s, Frank Moore created the popular cabaret show, the Outrageous Beauty Revue. In the 1980s he became one of the United States’ foremost performance artists. In 1992 he was voted Best Performance Artist by the San Francisco Bay Guardian. In 2001 he began producing shows for Berkeley’s public access channel, and these shows continue today.  In 2006, Moore became a write-in candidate for President of the United States in the 2008 election, qualifying in 25 states and receiving votes across the country.  Since 2011, he has become internationally known for his performance/video archive on which has been viewed by over 10 million people worldwide.


Frank Moore performed regularly in the San Francisco Bay Area up until his death.


His students and the people influenced by his life/work continue his vision.



In this, the first collection of prose by “one of the U.S.'s most controversial performance artists” (P-Form Magazine), Frank Moore explores his deep and uncompromising vision of human liberation and art as a “battle against fragmentation”.


In the essays, writings and rants of Frankly Speaking, roughly covering the period from the late 1970s until his death in 2013, Moore reveals his plan for the complete political and social transformation of American society (see Platform for Frank’s Presidential Candidacy 2008), stirs up the “art world”, urging fellow artists to truly live their calling and not accept censorship (see Art is Not Toothpaste or The Combine Plot), pulls the reader deeply into the heart of magic, responsibility, shamanism, play, and expanded sexuality (see Dance of No Dancers and States of Tanpan), and much much more.


Frank Moore's essays have been praised by political activists, authors, artists and cultural icons like Bill Mandel, John Sinclair, Penny Arcade, Annie Sprinkle and many others for their comprehensive and revolutionary world-view.  The reader gets to join Frank's joyful and fearless digging into the core issues of human experience to get to something deeper: intimacy, tribal community, freedom.   Frankly Speaking also gives us a peek into the history of these pieces, which have been widely published all over the world, from the smallest of underground zines to the most established mainstream art journals.  But Frank always focused on the small, personal, intimate level, and always fought to stay “underground”.  As he writes in Mainstream Avant-Garde?: “The underground is where the real freedom and the real ability to change society are to be found.”

Well, Frank never skips a beat!

“The hardest working shaman” is still keeping us busy!

This mind-blowing collection of his writings roughly covers the late 1970s

until his death in 2013, with new original drawings by LaBash.

Just dip into this rich, full, chunky bowl of Frank's deep vision of life, art,

and freedom, and you will want to keep eating!

And what a deal! As Frank always said, “I am cheap, and available!”

Table of Contents

11    Introduction

12    An update of the last 37 years of my life

17    Introduction to Cherotic Apprenticeship

19    Art is Not Toothpaste

22    Art of Living

25    The Art of Breaking Taboos

29    Intro for Campus Quest

30    Censorship Address to the Berkeley City Council

32    Chero

33    Cherotic Healing

42    The Combine Plot

53    The Combine Plot Thickens

61    Conditions

66    Credit Card Morality

69    Cultural Subversion

79    A Dance Ritual

80    Deep Love

81    Eroart, Not Porn

83    Eroplay

94    Eroplay in Life and Art

97    Evolution Ritual

102    Experiments in Magical Change

119    Finally, A Real Candidate for President

122    The Function of the Arts in Culture Today

123    Gestures Intro

129    I Just Ain’t That Good

131    Imagine the Possibilities

139    In Defense of Bad Art

142    The Inner Maze

209    Inter-Penetration

213    Mainstream Avant-Garde?

217    My Sexual Fantasies

218    The Updated Numbers Game

220    Nudity, A Tool of Shamanism

224    Out of Isolation: A History of the Video

226    about play (Playing)

228    Performance Introduction

231    The Pipes of Art

232    The Point of Responsibility

236    Post Porn, Post Sex, A New Art Movement

240    Platform for Frank’s Presidential Candidacy 2008

244    Reclaiming Public Reality

246    The Rehearsal

247    Audrey Rubinstein Interview

270    Shamanistic Art

273    Annie Sprinkle’s Post Post Porn Modernist

275    States of Tanpan

287    Tanpan Defined

288    Two Parties: Reviews of Annie Sprinkle & Barb Golden Events

290    What Price Fame

294    About Frank Moore

297    Frank Moore Online


About Frank Moore's Writings

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What People Are Saying About the Book!

“You know, I knew Frank was smart but, god damn! I’m going to enjoy this book … I can see I’m going to do some interesting reading. But I suggest that you the listening audience don’t pass this book up because I think, it is not only because Frank was my friend, believe me! I have plenty of friends that write books and I don’t necessarily tell people they should read these books. But this is, I think, enriching, intellectually stimulating material that you don’t want to miss.”

Gerald Smith, political activist /host Radical Perspectives radio show


“Frank is just the gift that keeps on giving....”

Sandy Ford Mock


Truly a landmark event. I look forward to devouring this....

The gruvemeister... (aka Russell Shuttleworth)


"Want to know why Frank Moore was such an influential person in my life. Get the book."

John the Baker, musician, activist


“I read several of the essays today and now, as I am about to go to sleep, I find that I am repeating something that Frank said, and it rang true: we take ourselves way too seriously, and our lives not seriously enough.”

Diane Malek on Amazon (5 star review Seriously!)


Frank Moore’s publishing company, Inter-Relations, just put out a posthumous collection of Frank’s writings called Frankly Speaking. It’s full of great stuff, but I’d like to share here a brief piece, Creating A Masterpiece, that gets at something profound about the creative process, wisdom that is often neglected by teachers.

Fred Hatt, artist


“I’m now making my way through the amazing aurora-suite-inspired “Inner Maze” of “Frankly Speaking” – what a mind-blowing literary acid trip! It is really an incredible prose-poem. At first, I couldn’t read it. My mind didn’t want to expand to the extent “required,” so I skipped it and moved to other chapters. But then I came back to it and found myself getting sucked into its quicksand of vivid imagery and deep ideas. At this point, it might be my favorite part of “Frankly Speaking.” But there are so many good parts, and I’m not even finished!”
Dr. Susan Block, PhD Philosophy

Read her July 2015 review on Amazon


“Oh, you guys:  I had a wonderful time at the reading last night.  I knew I would.  I have to reread (and reread again) the reading you aptly suggested for me (Creating A Masterpiece).”
Diane Malek, after attending Modern Times book party


“I'm definitely looking forward to (reading the book).
Frank's story is one for the ages."
Will Mayo



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Gerald Smith and Michael Diehl interview Corey, Alexi and Erika on their Berkeley Liberation shows, March 8, 2014

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Listen to a special Radical Perspectives on Berkeley Liberation Radio with Gerald Smith, Corey Nicholl, Alexi Malenky and Erika Shaver-Nelson that features readings from many of Frank's books including Frankly Speaking, May 31, 2014.


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