a benefit for the radical webstation
A night of cultural terrorism and subversion with legendary hard/deep core reality messers deep in the bowels of the underground where webcasts 24/7! It was an historic show!
Slaughterhouse, Oakland, CA
Saturday, June 26, 2004
Hep Si
New Earth Creeps
The Feederz
Fluff Grrl
Frank Moore's Cherotic All Star Band

Well, two weeks later, and I’m finally recovered enough to write about the amazing show at the Slaughterhouse. John the Baker is a master at creating communities of loving, committed people in the context of running illegal hardcore punk spaces. The Slaughterhouse is the ultimate of this…it matches perfectly what The Cherotic All-Stars are all about. And I ain’t saying that just because John sweetened the benefit pot for with his own money! The Slaughterhouse is secret…no address on the poster. It was the bowels of the underground in the heart of Oakland’s old market district…a location to kill for! It is just a warehouse, unmarked. You had to squeeze under the half-closed metal door, passing by the fire-breathing JTB. That metal door will be locked up tight before the show gets going. You walked through a winding maze of halls dark filled with boxes and sofas, walls encrusted with occult punk graffiti. Welcome to untamed freedom. But every punk demon there was so nice, warm…scary! The maze opened into a big performance room. There is a big “green” room where the bands [etc.] hung out for hours…blood going down the drain in the cement floor under the harsh light. Later that blood will be mine when, during The Feederz’s set, a guy broke through the blocking of me by Stacey and Kirsten and caused a bleeder booboo and we beat a retreat from the mosh pit into the bands’ room for some babying.

All of the bands were amazing! For example, it was the most powerful Fluff GRRL set I have seen…and we have double-billed with them a lot over a years. Bob out did himself as a demonic front man, barbequing his beefsteak g-string with his burning pubes! He was all worked up because it was the second night that he double-billed with his childhood hero, Frank Discussion of The Feederz. It turned out that John the Baker also booked Friday’s Kimo’s gig partly to make Bob’s life dream come true. John is that kind of guy!

The Cherotic All-Stars this night was basically all of Fluff Grrl plus Bob’s wife Anne, all of The Feederz minus their bass player, Jesse the Hep Si bass player, Drs. Gruve and Oblivious, Linda, Kirsten, Erika, and moi… and our own X-tian as the loving sound/tech/light guy. The drummers and bass players traded off. But there still wasn’t room for all of us on the stage. So Dr. O. set up his keyboard in the audience. It got raunchy, dirty, explicit fast and drilled into that juicy black core…wailing harp, sax, guitar feeding back on the nude intimate dancers melting, vocalizing pleasure, crazed theremin wailing. Frank Discussion sat cross-legged playing guitar. Of course, I started this revival meeting by singing that old gospel standard FUCK THE WAR! But then the erotic sound skin trance kicked in…which is captured by Mikee’s video, going right up every pleasure hole of myth, following every skin curve of music. Bob turned my cock and balls into a musical instrument, sucking and blowing on them into the mic as Anne and I sang intimately together as the nude triad-dancers made their rounds seeking willing erotic victims. But the band wouldn’t stop! … even when the punk girl started mopping the floor! Hey, Dr. Gruve was just finding his g-spot-note as-it-were after his 15-year battle back to music…and The Feederz’ drummer said it was his first time jamming sober! So there was a lot of pent up desire released

Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Star Band:
Dr. O
Russell (aka Dr. Gruve)
Bob Madigan
Anne Madigan
Mike (Fluff Grrl)
Stacey (Fluff Grrl)
Drummer (Fluff Grrl)
Sax Player/vocals (Fluff Grrl)
Frank Discussion
Drummer (Feederz)
Jesse (Hep Si)

(in order of appearance)
Hep Si
backstage at the Slaughterhouse
New Earth Creeps
around of the Slaughterhouse
Fluff Grrl
backstage again
The Feederz
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

The "green room"

Hep Si

New Earth Creeps

Frank Discussion of The Feederz

Fluff Grrl

Bob Madigan of Fluff Grrl

Nude All-Stars

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