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Curtis Street – The Wounded Healer’s Home

by Tom Dalzell
Quirky Berkeley, February 28, 2016
The LUVeRmobile in front of our house.
Another shot of the LUVeRmobile.
Frank and Linda
Frank and Michael
Frank and Michael in front of our house.
Frank and Michael in front of our house.
Frank and Linda in front of our house.
Frank and Linda in front of our house.
Screen door by LaBash
The front door by Mikee
Street Numbers by LaBash
"1231" Tiles by Mikeee
The Back Door
Heading out into the backyard in the winter.
Our backyard
Looking out to the Backyard from the deck.
View back towards the house
The view toards the back of the house.
Similar view ...
The studio
The studio from the backyard
The studio
The studio form the back yard and the "pond" garden
Studio mural by LaBash
Studio mural by Mikee (completed 2010)
More photos here:
The magnolia in full splendour.
Kitchen and laundry room
Herbal Kitchen
Left: An old ironing board closet board we converted into
tincture bottle storage.
Top right down: Herbal vinegars and tinctures brewing;
Herbal Honey rack;
more dry herb storage in the laundry room
(open as pdf)
Our herb garden
Our herb gardens (open as pdf)
View from Frank's bed
Our bedroom gallery

Photos of our bathroom here!

More great photos by Colleen Neff
of our house and our bathroom

BLUE HOUSE Construction photos here

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