Norcal Noisefest 2004
Saturday, September 25, 2004
EMRL Studios
Sacramento, CA
Chromophobic, Sadomasochrist, UFO As Bacteria, Oscillating Innards, Instagon, Thomas Dimuzio, +DOG+, Saga, Frank Moore and the Cherotic All-Stars

It was a blast to be a part of NOISEFEST 2004. We three had to drive up to Sacramento on Friday just to make Saturday night's show. When we got there, we ate dinner at a crowded Mexican restaurant with a live mariachi band which matched in volume and intensity any punk band and that was before the patrons got into the act. It was so wonderfully/painfully loud that Linda had to put her earplugs in as we ate!

Some of the bands Saturday exceeded this extreme volume. Some were small and so subtle in sounds. Others were violently powerful, ripping at limitations. Never knew what was coming next sitting in that intimate place, sitting in that community of experimentations. Lob's Instagon which included about half of that night's Cherotic All-Stars played with air with spray cans and Dr. O. on a whining balloon!

We were the last band of the night. Throughout the night, one band would set up in one half of the room as another band was performing. But because of our size, we filled both halves. And we were even missing two of our members, Michael Peppe and Evan. We missed them. Peppe got screwed by a ineffective answering machine!

As it turned out, the only "virgins" new to the band were two musicians who traveled from Spain to play at the NOISEFEST Guillermo (aka Mr. Hubba) who played lap guitar and also a toy chicken and his friend who played a mean laptop. These two were playing close to the erotic action! But all the rest were seasoned vets of The Al l-Stars and some were vets of many ritual performances. There were my two musical directors, Lob on bass and Dr. O. on keyboard creating a deep foundation. Keith wailed on the sax and pounded the drum. Sean blissed out on the guitar. Dr. Gruve honked passions from his harp, sirens wailing!

The 45-minute set started with me sitting alone nude under strobe lights and a stream of bubbles, vocalizing, trying to do with my voice what the other bands did with electronics. After 3 minutes, naked Linda and Erika joined me vocalizing, followed by the rest of the band. The magical groove was there right from the beginning, didn't let up, ebbing and flowing, whining, moaning, buzzing, whispering in noise fusion about going into infusion in a trance of transforming transgressions, everyone/everything feeding off of one another in eye contacts and body rocking, orgasm dance, Erika rubbing my pleasure into Linda in the calm small oneness, then going through the entire band, visually the inter-penetration was captured by Corey and Mikee. And then the music continued into the silence of wakening.

Frank Moore's Cherotic
All-Star Band set

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