Saturday, July 15, 2006
Instagon, Botchii, Uberkunst, Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
The Space, Sacramento, CA

Ok, I’ m recovering … trying to recover … and failing so far … from the Sacramento gig Saturday. But not too much from the gig itself, but from driving back and forth here and there (70 miles one way) TWICE in two days! We got a late start Friday because Linda had to straighten out a snafu with the delivery of my rental hospital bed to our hotel room … she had been working on it for two months. Because we got a late start, we got into rush hour traffic and it took us 3 hours in the 100 degree heat. When we finally got to the hotel, there was no hospital bed … and no room for a hospital bed in the room … and no concerned staff. So we had to drive back home … after having a great dinner! So the next day we got up and did the drive again. But Steve Davis put us to shame. He drove up from L.A. to play in both my Cherotic All-Stars’ and Instagon! But I’m hurting much more than usual after a gig. Getting old?

The Space is a great little theater with bleacher seating. Lob put the show, A MIDSUMMERS NIGHT FREAK OUT, together. Lob and I have been doing things together for over 8 years. The night started rather peacefully, rather calmly, with Instagon playing jazzy trances. Like my band, Instagon is never the same line-up and never rehearsed together. This time Instagon was Lob on bass, Steve on guitar, Jim of The Shenanigoats on drums, Danny on trumpet, and another guy on the didgeridoo. Except for the didgeridoo-er, the rest would join my band for the night. When all was peaceful, BOTCHII messed it all up, blasting ultra-high energy punky noise assault. They are a trio of guitarist Tom Skowronskif and drummer Matthew “Lobster” Graybiel and Kevin Meecrob on pedals. They were simply mind-blowing great! Lobster would join The Cherotic All-Stars later, trading his drums for a mean guitar. Then after Botchii, a scary bunch of weirdos started setting up huge steel drums, power saws, giant puppets, etc. I smelled fresh danger of destruction. So I asked a member of UBERKUNST if we were safe sitting in the front row. We moved to the side! And Erika still got wounded in the chest by a flying shard of vinyl from Mary Martin’s South Pacific! UBERKUNST bills itself as “offensive fun, experimental music, noise ?music?, huge clumsy amateur theatrics and the scariest 13 person band on the planet.” Basically they presented your post-apocalyptic world where evil robots butt-rape and then disembowel humans (the disemboweling was rather whimpy!) … leading to a total chaotic destruction with a lot of banging, bashing, power saws grinding on metal drums, creating red hot showers of sparks. At the end everything was in ruin! Wendy O Williams would have been proud! From UBERKUNST, the “filthy bass” of Dire Deparra would join The Cherotic All-Stars’ jam!

So I had my work cut out for me! By Lob creating a brilliant line-up, he was forcing us to stretch, expand … take the night into soft, intimate, erotic trances … which is the opposite of UBERKUNST … but building on what had been created through out the night. To start I sat nude under strobes and slides, doing an emotional vocal solo for several minutes, moving, dancing, rocking back and forth. Then Linda and Erika naked except for pearls joined me in the moaning chant. They danced together, moving, pleasure rubbing deep into each other within infusion, soon enveloping me into the intimate body. Soon the rest of the band appeared, forming a semi-circle … Danny on Trumpet, Lob running around the stage banging on the tambourine, Steve Davis plucking his bass, Dr. Gruve blowing his harmonica, Dire pounding the bass, Lobster pushing his guitar, Tomek squeezing his accordion and playing other instruments, Jim beating the drums. At a certain point, Linda and Erika left me to cuddle with each band member, and then they went into the audience to cuddle with people as I wailed with the band. People are hungry for that deep human touch! When Linda and Erika got back to the stage, Erika tried to play clarinet…but quickly started moving with Linda again! The jam lasted over an hour.

Here is what Corey and Alexi wrote about the night:

“We turned on the A-C, the traffic cleared, we broke out the snacks, and things were looking up! Despite all the traffic, we still pulled into the Space at right about 6. There was Lob, Steve from DOG ... a blast of heat! What a neat space! We unloaded, Lob showed us where we could set up the free stuff, and we got started setting things up, and soon you guys were there ...

It was really neat how popular the zine totes and Skip Skiffington CDs were ... people were looking through them all night, and took a lot of CDs! When the tech gal had finally gotten the pullies in the right position and hoisted up the backdrop for the first time, she was totally blown out. She loved it.

The whole night was so much fun ... we'd meet out by the shirt table between bands, talking about how neat each one was. After the jam, we were just blown away ... we both said that we had thought to ourselves that it was the most amazing jam yet, if you can really say that. On all different levels ... musically, you could hear every single instrument and voice, and it all blended into an otherworldly at times, beautiful, trance-like sound with explosions of sound within it. Hard to really describe it, but it was amazing ... especially neat to have the trumpet sound in the mix of electronic instruments. And how deep and erotic and beautiful the playing/dancing was ... and how soft and willing and open the audience was. Sometimes the jams clear the house ... except for a small group of people ... but it seemed like this time, the jam did not clear people out ... most everyone stayed. It was amazing to see the look on people's faces when Linda and Erika "got" them ... from the way the group of boys went from elbowing each other and joking into an unexpected softness ... to the deep expressions of peace on people's faces... Alexi saw that when Linda and Erika first started "getting" the band, the boys pointed at the guitar player from Botchii, motioning that they were gonna "get" him! And laughing! And then they were "got" too!

Everything was really fun ... breaking down the set and packing up, and then saying goodbyes ... When you guys were in the bathroom, Danny the trumpet player was talking to us ... he had come from southern Illinois to California to escape "Deliverance" country ... He said he became spiritual when he came to California, something he guessed California was known for doing to people ... and then Tomek chimed in, "It's known for doing a lot of other things too." With that look on his face ... funny! How neat that the tech gal wrote two poems during the jam ... wow ... “

It was fun hitting the AM/PM for some fizzy lifting drinks before hitting the road. We were talking about the jam ... And then we hit the road, following you guys and got the tunes started! Much much fun. Listening to the music, and following the sight of the LUVeRmobile made the trip back seem timeless. We really enjoyed the mix Frank put together! We were singing along as we rode back down to Berkeley. "

Frank Moore

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Frank Moore's
Cherotic All-Star Band


Lob of Instagon, the show's producer




Frank, Linda & Erika

Linda, Erika & Tomek

A Dr. Gruve Sandwich

Danny The Trumpet Player

All-Stars, Jim, Tomek & Danny

by Michael LaBash
and Alexi Malenky

by Corey Nicholl
(stills from the video)

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