Saturday, October 15, 2005
Fluff Grrl, +DOG+, Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
Balazo Gallery, San Francisco, CA

“The Night of the Passion Demons!”
@ Balazo Gallery 10/15/05

It was a very intense night of in-your-face musical performances. The Balazo Gallery is an ideal space for such an event … an underground space committed to people art and music. We only “lost” $15 (plus fliering costs) … which is why I always put A LUVER BENEFIT in quotes (ah, someday LUVER will make money from one of these “LUVER BENEFITS”). But just “losing”/paying $15 plus fliers insures the deep core music series will continue! One of my secret tricks is having Alexi at the door!

So +DOG+ was there when we got at the gallery as was Dr. Oblivious, and Dr. Gruve and the rest of our crew…but not the first band (which will remain nameless … sure they will … read on!) nor any audience! The situation hadn’t changed at 8pm when the show was supposed to start. But the Pope of Punk, Dirk Dirksen, walked in! For you ignorant [or young] ones, Dirk put punk on the map in San Francisco when he turned THE MABUHAY club into the punk Mecca from the mid-70s to the early 80s. I had asked him to introduce the bands at The Balazo. Like for the last 20 years I’ve asked him to do things with us … he always says yes … but it never never happens! So I was shocked when he walked in! The shock was increased by my knowing that he has been in extremely poor health (this is a call to action to all the bands, artists, mutants, etc. to whom Dirk gave breaks, support, encouragement, a stage to do their/our thing on, an opportunity to get through sucking … IT IS PAY-BACK TIME!). So here I am sitting with this legend who walked here, risking a heart attack, and who couldn’t stay for more than an hour because of his health…with no fucking first band or audience! Then I realized that I was just going through what Dirk had gone through during all those years! And of course when I finally asked +DOG+ to set up to be the first band, the nameless first band finally showed up and had a pussy fit about not being the first band! Why in hell ain’t I a boozer! So I gave them back their first band slot. But by the time the band had set up, we had a great audience. MAGIC!

So Dirk gave FLUFF GRRL his insulting blessing. I don’t know if they realized what an honor that was. But people in the audience knew and were blown-out that Dirk was there. Musically it was the most intense FLUFF GRRL set I have seen … and we have been double billing together for years. Bob just blasted out as a lead singer, downing bottles of cough syrup and beer, joined on some songs by his only slightly straighter looking brother, prancing in front of a strange video of grilled penises, pig fuckers, executions, and babies. He saved his pubic burning for later in the night when he was in THE CHEROTIC ALL-STARS. But he ended with a hot version of THE WHIPPING POST. That must have given Dirk enough strength to make his way home.

Next up was +DOG+! It was all out, bone marrow-churning ear-exploding volume danger. Lob made his bass growl right in your belly. Steve Davis banged on a wicked piece of metal and made grinding sounds somehow. Bobbie’s guitar wailed. But when Bobbie just screamed primal, there was no protection from pain, no hiding place, no comfort padding…just raw experience!

And then it was THE CHEROTIC ALL-STARS! I was sitting far back on the multi-leveled stage in strobe light nude with a video of photos of our performances of the past 30 years projected on the back wall. I segued from testing my mic into a wailing / groaning / chanting while rocking. Afterwards Peppe said it was my best “monolog.” It made FLUFF GRRL’s Bob crawl under the stage nude and curl up! After a few minutes, Linda and Erika joined the rubbing erotic inner friction turned-on pleasure skin song/dance with me, laying down soft human warm rooted seed from which everything that the jam grew as a one-celled organism expanding into sustained orgasm/trance, entering bodies down deep…feeling the bass/base line(s) by Steve Davis and Lob, feeling it way down THERE! Dr. Oblivious and Michael Peppe pushed outward exploring like vines with beautiful but dangerous flowers on their keyboards … Peppe also using his voice like a mind-expanding drug. Dr. Gruve blew his harmonica into a new subtle level soft and tender. The one-cell jamming animal was subtle and tender that night … even including the smell of Bob’s burning pubes as he played his toy whistle after he emerged from under the stage (although I did miss his sucking my cock … hope he hasn’t gone born-again on me!). As Linda and Erika had their way with each body in the band [including the videoing bodies of Mikee and Corey], I vocally melted into the pure emotions coming out of the sweet slide guitar of FLUFF GRRL’s Mike who was sitting beside/below me on the multi-leveled stage. Then I played the bass with Steve! Then we all grooved beyond time until “THE END”!


And I have been recovering ever since!



The Cherotic All-Star Band:
Dr. Oblivious
Dr. Gruve
Michael Peppe
Bob Madigan
Mike (Fluff Grrl)
Steve Davis
Linda Mac
Erika Shaver-Nelson
Frank Moore

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Fluff Grrl


Frank Moore's
Cherotic All-Star Band


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