a night of pubes-burning, rainbow projectile puking orgasms, nude bodies rubbing sweating skin dancing friction into deep core intimate trances, civilization-destroying blasting noise a.k.a. music! YOU THINK YOU ARE HARD CORE? PROVE IT!
Valentine's Day, Saturday, February 14, 2004
Kimos, 1351 Polk Street @ Pine, San Francisco, CA 94109-4617
Frank Moore's Cherotic All Star Band
The Nude Women of Blistx featuring John Truby
The Return of Skitzo
Fluff Grrl

Last Saturday’s jam at KIMO’S … contrary to the title of THE SATANIC/TANTRIC VALENTINE MASSACRE OF LOVE! (hey! I lied!) … was one of the most beautiful, intimate, and explicit of the jams we have done at clubs. At clubs they are usually rock trance punk wall-of-sound kind of deals. But this one was more like the jams we do at the house. And it was short … 28 minutes … because another band was added to the bill (all of the bands were exceptional!) … so we were just getting started.

Dr. Oblivious on keyboard, the Pervertidora god Chris on synthesizer, and Fluffgrrl’s Barney on theremin were the backbone of the music. Gio, sitting in the middle of the stage beating out trances on the magical drum, was the tribal heart. Pervertidora goddess Joanna as the blue skinned Kali was the spirit of dangerous risk moving suggestively. Michael Peppe was huddled in a corner of the stage scatting as a hipster in a wet/zoot suit. The creature Fluffgrrl’s Bob was stumbling around doing something! [Every jam he is in ends up with his confusing my cock with a sax!] His wife Ann did hot vocals…and ended up being pulled into the molten dancing core [a.k.a. Linda, Kirsten, and moi!]. Linda was in a new dress of ribbons and space which revealed all. Kirsten was in her skin. And I was dressed only in a pair of devil horns, until I kept butting the girls with them! Our dancing kept sinking deeper into explicit erotic turn-on, and our vocals came out of our combined warm-hotter aroused fusing. Just imagine where that will go to in a longer set! [We’ll see when we play Kimo’s for St. Patrick’s Day!]

Kimo’s was packed all night long. This is unusual. Usually people come to see their fav band and leave. But this was a killer night! After the jam, some guys in front of Alexi were talking, and they said, "Next time Marilyn Manson comes to town, I'm going to tell him that his show is pretty normal, pretty ordinary. If he really wants to see something intense, he should come to San Francisco and see Frank Moore."


In Freedom
Frank Moore

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