The Nude Green Orgy of Lying Leprechauns
St. Patrick's Day, Wednesday, March 17, 2004
Kimos 1351 Polk Street @ Pine
San Francisco, CA 94109-4617
Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Star Band / Slandt / Wofdog

Thursday, March 18, 2004

I’m hung over from l
ast night’s gig at Kimo’s. The Nude Green Orgy of Lying Leprechauns turned out to be exactly what happened. Very orgiastic, very orgasmic, nude bodies explicitly rubbing melting together under ever-changing colors, slides of bodies projected on nude skin under strobes …. reality became molten. It began with me sitting on the stage nude alone, singing DANNY BOY with Jackie Wilson. Then, as everything got brightly surreal, the ALL-STARS flooded onto the stage. Gio drummed passions magical trances, the lusty heart. Dr. Oblivious and Barb Golden were on the keyboards, weaving DANNY BOY into the flowing nonlinear sound ocean. Andy Slow Poisoner blew his sousaphone, and every once in awhile got seduced to let out madman vocals, matching intense Michael Peppe’s scat screeching. The weird green-skinned naked creature Fluffgrrl Bob played a toy whistle … and played with himself…and sucked me as always …all in the realm of funhouse innocence. Right after we got to the club, I saw this black guy packing away his sax. Of course I asked him to be part of the All-Stars. He turned out to be an amazing jazz player, Jonathan R. Dyer. His sax melted with the wailing trombone of Toyoji Tomita. It was fun flying jamming vocally with horns floating within absolute freedom. At the center of the jam, the engine under the hood was Linda in just ribbon, Kirsten in just green leaves, and me just in them playing dancing rubbing together intimately extremely sexual explicit fusing into something else warmly human, releasing arousal of being enough together through singing, legs open wide going right in every body deep, expanding throughout the jam, the band, and the audience, many of whom had to lie down, knowing that you never leave the ritual feast table until it’s finished, although it may last for days. Somehow it ended up with me again singing DANNY BOY as Linda and Kirsten kicked up their heels in the chorus line.

It was a long, satisfying journey. Afterward we were saying it was our “best” club jam. Of course we always say that. But it was.

Thanks, Boom, for giving us a musical home at Kimo’s!

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