re: The Free Tribal Hot Skin Passion Music/Dance Jam
Surf Reality, New York City 9/19/02

yep ... the jam was amazing ... full of people who are willing to just play ... you (Jen), the Hatt brothers, Seth of Dufus, Nic, Susan, Linda ... so it could just hang out there in the smallness of intimacy, seemingly always in danger of falling completely apart, but always together linking, feeding, changing, relaxed, sexy, warm, erotic ... of the hidden rituals now shared communally. Very little HAPPENED ... but it was a hole in reality, sucking people in close. One photographer said it opened her up to EVERYTHING!

Katie said she was expecting something very sexual and in your face ... but it was kids playing together. One artist (David Hochbaum) said it was HOT [sexually] ... like a bosch painting come to life. He thought it lasted about 30 minutes. He was shocked when he realized it had been 2 hours! [saturday night I posed nude for his tarot series ... I'll be THE FOOL!] actually madam x bankrolled our whole NYC trip ... that's the kind of gal she is. But she gave me a mission ... to give THE LUVeR AWARD to Robert Prichard, the "proprietor" of SURF REALITY. with SURF REALITY, Rob for years has given the truly underground culture a club/theater/home. He wasn't expecting it ... didn't know about the existence of the LUVeR award. so when I had Linda in her nude dress get him after the 2-hour dance/music/play/jam, he was fearful in only the way that a big tattooed guy could be ... especially seeing audience members being absorbed in the soft erotic happening ... but he let Linda pull him up. I made him guess what the surprise was. He guessed a poem. so Linda read him the text of the award. He was so blown out! And then we handed him the check for $500. HE WAS SPEECHLESS! afterwards he said he has lost his lease, so the money will help him to relocate SURF REALITY.

In Freedom
Frank Moore

re: NYC trip 9/16/02 – 9/22/02

It was a very intense jam packed trip. We flew the red eye monday night. Slept tuesday and went to dinner at what was our favorite place last year, HERBAN KITCHEN , but it has gone down hill.

Wednesday was the gala openning at Madison Square Garden. It was quite a bigger deal than the one in Los Angeles. This one was a massive art show of all kinds of art ... most of it amazing ... rooms of people's passion and dreams. It was quite impressive. Fred Hatt helped us man our table. I don't think it would have been possible without him ... the on-slaught of people was that great. Being there, exchanging numbers, tapes, etc. with other artists made the festival worth the money we paid. If you were expecting making deals, getting distribution, being discovered, making sales ... IT WOULD BE A BUST. No press, no insiders, etc. DON'T BUY THE PACKAGES. But as an art show, it was amazing.

In the middle of it, they had a variety show ... poetry, hip hop, a fashion show, etc. ... quite underground stuff. I read 3 poems. in the audience, there was an older black women with 3 kids under 10. After I read, we headed back to our table. but the woman motioned us over. I thought to ball me out for saying "fuck" and "cunt" in front of the kids. but she thanks me for inspiring her 8-year old grandson. after I read, he said, "grandma, I will do better now!" he has been a "bad student." I don't need more fuel than that!

We will be playing quite a few of the films of the festival on LUVeR.

Mow I will use the LUVeR chat:

<FLM> thursday was a very intense day
<FLM> started by walking along st marks place on our way to meet jen, nic, katie, frank and fred hatt at a restaurant
<FLM> we stopped at the sock man to get frank some socks and the guy remembered us from last year
<FLM> had an intense conversation with this guy hanging out there who frank noticed had some steel sticking out of the side of his pant leg
<FLM> frank asked him about it, thinking it was some s-m trip
<FLM> turns out the guy has a physical condition that he has had 50 surgeries to correct
<FLM> then a very exotic black woman with very little on....
<FLM> came out from her shop to say hello to frank
<FLM> and rub his head
<FLM> and he tilted his head in against her body, rubbing her chest and belly...hey, he is Feisto!
<FLM> she kept giggling and saying oh look how he smiles at me
<FLM> then she took a large stone from her store and gave it to frank
<FLM> saying it will bring him strength
<FLM> so frank gave her a copy of chapped lap
<FLM> and that's just the first twenty minutes
<FLM> alot of storytelling ast the meal table
<FLM> nic is great...he is a keeper!
<FLM> mark sonnenfeld came to the screening tonight
<FLM> there was a very heavy 12 minute short that played before Feisto
<FLM> an audience full of gay guys
<FLM> Al from the festival introduced frank as his friend
<FLM> frank went up to the front and asked al if he locked all the doors to keep the audience in
<FLM> that got a laugh all around
<FLM> after Feisto ended frank said "I can sure clear a room out"
<FLM> instead of one mass exodus like sf, it was staggered throughout the movie
<FLM> a slow leak. but al said everybody he talked to afterward liked it. can never tell!
<FLM> talking to the people who stayed after the movie. one woman said it shows how everyhing is possible.
<FLM> frank asked them why they thought peolpe left
<FLM> the general consesnus was pacing
<FLM> everybody who stayed loved it
<FLM> they were impressed with things such as the long takes,
<FLM> the visuals,
<FLM> the humor,
<FLM> our friend les said he felt trapped in time
<FLM> usually in a movie things are telescoped
<FLM> but he said there was one point where it was happening in real time and he got alarmed
<FLM> especially the last erotic scene
<FLM> and people asked why didnt chip eroplay with feisto
<FLM> frank pointed out that feisto tried but chip wouldnt go for it
<FLM> they decided that that should be the sequel. more about this when frank sends out the great review someone wrote that night
<FLM> we ate at the galaxy global eatery again after
<FLM> which serves food until 2:30am. GREAT FOOD!
<FLM> the best food we've had on this trip
<FLM> you can check out their menu on their website
<FLM> and on friday night it's really wild because it's got a bar and a lot of partyin people
<FLM> sexy waitress
<FLM> doing her stretches
<FLM> "doing it" with other employees

Here I am again. Saturday I did that photo shoot as THE FOOL for David Hochbaum's tarot series. He will use a photo in a collage. You can see his scarey deep work at He even gave us one of his collages, THE CLOWNS. After the shoot, we wandered round the village, finding a great great all organic vegan CARAVAN OF DREAMS. We ate brunch there Sunday. Then dropped by the theater and got Al talking ... getting all the dirt!

We got back late last night.

In Freedom
Frank Moore

Free audio file download of the The Free Tribal Hot Skin Passion Music/Dance Jam available here:


The Free Tribal Hot Skin Passion Music/Dance Jam video by Les Barany. A beautiful piece focusing on the many private playful erotic rituals, which created an ever-changing web-work connecting the lustful players of this powerful public performance.
Also includes the video by Michael LaBash.

The Free Tribal Hot Skin Passion Music/Dance Jam
Surf Reality, New York City 9/19/02

Feisto sings! The Free Tribal Hot Skin Passion Music/Dance Jam
Surf Reality, New York City

Photo by Megan Rush
Click here for blow-up

Rob Prichard of Surf Reality receives his LUVeR Award

Frank Moore and Linda Mac reading at the Gala Opening of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival at Madison Square Garden 9/18/02

In front of the Village East Cinema on 2nd Avenue for the screening of FEISTO 9/20/02

David Hochbaum and Frank Moore at his studio 9/21/02

Still image captures from the video of the Surf Reality performance

Surf Reality Photos
by Michael LaBash

Photos from the Gala Opening of the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival at Madison Square Garden by Michael LaBash

Photos from the New York screening of Feisto
by Michael LaBash

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