Friday, September 15, 2006
Novi Split, Justin Shay, +DOG+, Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
Il Corral, Los Angeles, CA

Saturday, September 16, 2006
The Refrigerator Mothers, Die Rockers Die!, Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band
The Cocaine, Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, September 21, 2006 -
Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well, here I go again … trying to write about our jams. Steve +dog+ Davis got us the two L.A. gigs. Friday was at il corral … a very cool low-key/laid-back live-in artist/noise/experimental space with an intimate performance room with sofas and over-stuffed easy chairs for the audience. We had played there last year, so it felt like home. Novi Split was first up. I’d call him an electric folk singer. But we were never sure he wasn’t a put-on. He walked that fine line! And adding to the surreality, the straight-looking audience was taking him seriously, entranced, tapping their toes, nodding, etc. … seemingly out of sync with what was actually happening … as if they were all a part of the act. When he was over, that audience left, being replaced by a brand new audience … including the film maker Javier Prato who made the internet classic Jesus Christ the Musical. Hey, if celebs are in the audience, I flaunt it! There were also the two [faux celebs?] who pulled the plug on our workshop and threatened legal action a couple of years back … traveling all the way from San Francisco to catch the show … but didn’t say one word to me all night! A very surreal night. During his noise set, Justin Shay invited the audience to sit in a tent blowing bubbles! Then +dog+ did a painfully beautiful, tenderly violent piece.

And then it was our cherotic turn. I advertised the tour as RIPPING EROTIC PASSION PUNK JAZZ. I think we lived/played up to that! To start with, I did my 4-minute solo vocal, sitting nude in strobe lights and color slides of 30 years of performances flashing … my eyes welded shut tearing of trance. Then Steve Emanuel with his stand-up bass melted into my moaning song of passions. He and I go way back to ’68 in San Bernardino, and then in Santa Fe. It’s mind-blowing that we are still doing things together! We used all of that to musically tango together. After awhile nude Linda and Erika joined in the deep rubbing pleasure dance both vocally and erotically. Steve Davis took over laying down the groove with his bass as Steve E. switched for his debut as a hot lead guitarist! Vinnie “Spit” Santino brought Gary Ponder, a great jazz/rock session drummer to go on the quest of the evolving beat with him. Tomek added a spicy sauce with his accordion and clarinet. Oh, Justin started out in the jam, but quickly got immobilized within joy of an altered state. So he just sat there grooving. That can happen! Everybody in the band was into paying attention to one another, deeply listening, following one another. So the tight pink of freedom was there right at the beginning and never let up, kept opening dimensions for us to explore, never stopping, even when things got tiny and intimate, then blossomed into newness. Linda and Erika went into the audience to cuddle with people … people drank it up. When it was all “over,” everybody was simply blown out at what had just happened.

Let us have an intermission before tackling the next night. When we got to our hotel Thursday night, just by chance, the film festival which had shown my film Feisto a few years back was having its gala opening in the ballroom. So we crashed the party! And Saturday for brunch we went to The Newsroom … and who was sitting there but Kumar of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle … which we had just watched last week! Kumar now has a Frank Moore 4 Prez button on his back pack! And that’s your Hollywood minute!

So Saturday we played “at” The Cocaine. But it turned out to be a booking communal concept which usually books jazz in a Japanese restaurant in Little Tokyo. So that was what we pulled up to! But the guy who usually does the booking had turned the night over to Champ, a high energy showman, the lead singer of the punk band Die Rockers Die … hence us at a rather straight restaurant! It was a testing of the waters for more edgy shows than jazz. Actually it felt quite comfortable and cozy sitting there for a couple of hours while they figured out the p.a., etc. The restaurant staff just accepted the bunch of mutants. We had a nice, long visit with Jeff Knight. We haven’t seen each other in 44 years … since we were living in The Brotherhood of the Spirit, a commune of 250 in northern Mass. He said I have done what we dreamt of doing back then. It’s great to be told that! A fan recognized me from the film Mondo New York. Then I went to work getting fresh meat … er … I mean members for The Cherotic All-Star Band. When the dust cleared, I enlisted about half of the first band, The Refrigerator Mothers which is a rather big band!

Then the show began, fading out of the sound check into swirling color lights. We were blown out by how good The Refrigerator Mothers were. They created deep trance states pushing tribal/middle eastern influences through punk and noise, softened by more then a dash of silliness, projecting the jazzy warmth of being in a collective body. Wonder why they at the roots reminded me of us. When they were playing, I saw the Japanese bartender bopping and trying not to grin!

Next was Die Rockers Die! Champ was literally bouncing off the walls, jumping over tables, and violated other laws of nature! How do we keep getting to be a part of such dynamic shows?

So it was our turn. It was the same structure as Friday night … except Steve E. wasn’t there because his band had a gig. So after my solo vocal, the huge percussion section that Vinnie brought joined me to get down to the beat! That section included Vinnie SPIT, Gary Ponder, Trevor Henthorn on the Surdo, Mistress Jacqueline on the Djimbe, and Hermit the Flog (Eric Baughn) of The R.M.’s on the steel drum. Then after around 5 minutes, Linda and Erika started vocal/physical erotically dancing sucking each other infusion together, then sucking me explicitly deeper and deeper rubbing into their combined body, melting into my pink chant, warm colors flowing over everything. The band expanded into a semi-circle, expanding beyond “the stage.” Steve Davis created the railroad tracks with his bass. Tomek with his accordion and clarinet rocked me deeper and deeper. Into this R.M.s’ Carl F. Off fell with his toy accordion and nonverbal chanting. R.M.s’ Jewelie Off swayed back and forth with a big grin, playing finger cymbals. There was a battery of guitarists: R.M.s’ e.loi (Jeremy Morelock) and Denise M. Owens, and from our last year L.A. tour, Leo Coronado. During the last half of the jam, Tomek and Kerri L took turns on the piano. The jam drove through various layers which people are trained to translate as THE END where people usually clap, expecting things to wrap-up…not expecting multiple orgasms! The timing of our jams is rooted within the erotic dance/reality. Linda, Erika, Steve, Tomek, Vinnie, Jacqueline, and Gary understood this, pushing pass artificial “ends” to hidden lava! When Linda and Erika were cuddling with the band and the audience, I was playing Jacqueline’s body as a sexy drum! People in the audience from the other bands were playing their instruments.

After the jam, Jewelie said it felt like everybody in the band were lifelong friends, treating one another tenderly, even when “in reality” we just met. The music flowed out of this. Another R.M. player said he felt that he just found his tribe he lost a long, long time ago. Powerful stuff!

And now get ready for Thursday’s jam!


Il Corral, September 15, 2006

Novi Split

Justin Shay


Frank Moore's
Cherotic All-Star Band

The Cocaine , September 16, 2006

The Refrigerator Mothers

Die Rockers Die!

Frank Moore's
Cherotic All-Star Band


Can I go too?

Il Corral

Novi Split

Justin Shay


All-Stars at Il Corral

The Cocaine

the Refrigerator Mothers

Die Rockers Die!

All-Stars Frank and Tomek
(The Cocaine)

Vinnie and Trevor on percussion
(The Cocaine)

Jackie gets gotten




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