Saturday, May 4, 2002
Burnt Ramen

Richmond, CA


by Giovanni Moro

by Michael LaBash


Watch videos of
each performance here:

Opening/Dorothy Jesse Beagle
Frank Moore singing
"Totalitarian State"

John The Baker & Frank Moore
Audience/Around Burnt Ramen
More Audience/Around Burnt Ramen
Fluff Grrl
Michael Peppe as Sol Divus
Frank Moore's Cherotic All-Star Band

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I'm back ... sort of

I am recovering from the the very magical week-long intensive with our Jennifer from Toronto. It was extremely intimate, small, deep, and satisfying ... openning new possibilities and doors to deeper nameless physical trances. She is fearless and very focused. And all week she gave me shit for stopping sending alt. news stories to the esalon. So ... and she has agreed to video concerts, rallies, protests, etc. in Toronto for luver.

HEY, JEN ... WE ATE CHOCOLATE CAKE FROM THE ORGANIC CAFE FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY. Turns out today is also the birthday of Carlos, my student who died from aids.

The intensive actually started with THE FREEDOM TO BE HUMAN BALL. it was the most sucessful one ever ... sure, we barely broke even ... so if someone sees it linearly as a benefit for luver, he would see it as a bust ... but we get money nonlinearly ... the balls are just magnets attracting, creating community. Breaking even just means there will be more balls. For the most part ... except the would-be first "act" who turned out to be a snob, who pulled up to raman, stared horrified, and sped away! .. Most got that it was a communal journey into a tribal ritualistic magic, exchanging/listening, traveling together all night to many performance realities, being inspired with/by one another. most understood ... understood that the community spirit was the thing, THE STAR ... that it wasn't the kind of thing that you showed up for as late as possible, did YOUR ACT for the AUDIENCE, then left. In clubs Ihave to fit into that limited frame. But because of what john has created at Ramen, I can put on these communal celebrations ... reminding me of the community dances we had in Santa Fe in the early 70s ... being there for one another ... no names, no stars, no place to go to ... each performer pushed the experience deeper, taking it in difference directions, full of surprises, very liquid.

Most understood. So by the time of the jam ... always late, after a lot had been stripped away ... THE CHEROTIC ALL-STARS had swelled to include members of all the other bands (except one) as well as "the hard core" as well as first timers ... all knowing they were important, all surrendering/melting ... layers upon layer both audio and erotic visuals ... we could not fit on the stag ... so the stage melted away ... a surrounding wave of rich, intense, deep sounds ... then "the audience" started picking up mics and instruments ... the orgasm spread. at the peak, the band was 20 people, all connected in making powerful reality changing music ... over 50 minutes of this erotic trance! (we'll be playing the second half of the ball this saturday 4pm pt ... AND AS I WRITE THIS, MIKEE HAS PUT THE WHOLE FUCKING BALL UP AT THE INTIMATE THEATER!


But they do not understand magic!

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