Mother's Day, Sunday, May 9, 2004
Kimo’s 1351 Polk St @ Pine, S.F.
Frank Moore’s Cherotic All-Star Band / Mutant Press / Fluff Grrl

Well, another amazing night at Kimo’s! The night started out with a solo set by Jonathan R. Dyer, the jazz/blues horn player who played in the cherotic all-stars for our last Kimo’s jam.

Then it was Fluff Grrl’s turn. Bob and his wife Ann are refugees from Detroit … All I can say is Detroit must be a gritty surreal place! Anyway, Fluff Grrl’s base player Stacey kept breaking her strings … all of them in fact … inducing an incredible jam, until a guy in the non-existent audience gave her his bass. I grabbed him for the all-stars after Stacey skipped out to the Gwar concert! He turned out to be Liberty, who drove from L.A. to see his friend Jerome, bringing his bass just in case! I also grabbed Jerome for our set.

Then Mutant Press (Jerome T. Youngman) took the stage. He is a dynamic performer/showman/ guitarist/one-man-band from Detroit [hence the title of this Mother’s Day gig]. His video show Bring It To Jerome is on luver every Thursday at 5:30pm pacific time. Boom set the night around Jerome’s visit to S.F.

When we were setting up, the reality shifted into waiting for the usual limits to dissolve into playing physical pleasure trance. Me alone nude rocking moaning singing in strobe lights for forever. When forever became sweetly uncomfortable, the band began to slowly pile onto the stage around me. Linda, Kirsten, Erika, and I melted rubbing dancing fusing, pleasure sweating explicitly, singing tasting skin, becoming movements beyond sex, beyond power, into the core of what has always been inside our bodies, but always has been denied. We sang this with Michael Peppe and Ann Madigan, with her Bob muttering into a mic, then blowing on his harmonica. We dancing singing four merging together in ever-changing combinations, rocked, licked, sucked, tasted within one another, liberating more acts and gestures from limiting sex to release not only freeing pleasure, but also warm joy of being deeply together. This joy, which is extremely infectious, is one reason why we get away with going far beyond the normal taboos into innocent love.

This pleasure joy was the base line for the jamming music, which was an intense wall of sound. This ever-mutating wall was filled with inter-locking details from small rituals of mutual following, feeding back, and building outward and inward. Nude Mikee capturing this visual, erotic, musical infusion of being on explicit video moving on stage within the being, zeroing in on the aroused rituals, intimate parts which are usually secret, hidden. Dr. O. lying on his keyboard, making gentle love to it. Across the stage, Chris of Pervertidora Records was attacking lustfully his computerized keyboard as a mad scientist. Barney was teasing sexy scary whinings from his Theremin. I don’t have any idea what Walter Funk was blowing through into his mic. It looked like a giant diaphragm on a cowbell. His eyes were rolling insanely in his bobble-head. Another bobble-head was the big funky Buddha figure of Liberty, at first picking his bass, but then beating it with his huge hand to get the trance beat from it. Next to Liberty, tattooed Jerome did the wild dance of lead guitarist…his dangerous dirty licks mirrored the vocals.

Now for comic relief. For months, Bob has been fixating on Linda’s, Erica’s and Kirsten’s bushy bushes … threatening to burn them back … as he does his in Fluff Grrl. Well, deep in the middle of our dance trance, we looked down and there is Bob on his knees with his lighter! The gals danced off, and I pulled his head to my cock and held it there! That seemed to satisfy him! But we are going to put squirt guns in our prop bag … even though I have now banned lighters and matches during jams!

As one body, Kirsten, Linda, and Erika took the erotic dance trance to each member of the band. Each melted into it more deeply than ever before. We played for over an hour within deep fun. It feels like we are opening the gates to a sensual realm wider and wider each jam we do. This is possible because there has been a core group developing of people with the desire to explore this realm together. This realm is where direct change is rooted. But it appears to be just fun, just joy … not even serious sex! This is why we are flying below the radar!

After the gig, the station wagon wouldn’t start. 2 a.m. wih the street people and the hookers. People swarmed around to help. A guy living on the street fixed the problem that has been stumping our mechanic for years! Trust people and Life!

And we survived this performance marathon!


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Frank, Kirsten, Erika

Jerome (Mutant Press)


Michael Peppe

Walter Funk

Liberty Gets It!

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