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LX Rudis
Slicin' and dicin' those holiday tunes you know and love with Frank singin' along. December 14, 2003. Photos.

Global Culture
Hip Hop group. November 30, 2003. Photos.

DJ Berkeley Liberation Radio. November 17, 2003. Photos.

Kene-J and Psycko Mike
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 It was great and magical. the guests were the hardcore underground hip hop artists KENE-J and PSYCKO MIKE and their posse. I sat in with them rapping! And the conversation got deep into what is THE UNDERGROUND. And then things exploded when they sang their last song while Kirsten sang Billy Holiday's ALL OF ME. But racism and fascism are creepily full force. Some of the guys went outside in front of  our house to smoke. Within a couple of minutes a copcar pulled up to hassle them. The excuse: somebody called complaining about hearing "screaming"! Now this show was quiet ... rapping to a cd. We have had punk bands and no complaint! The crime was obviously being black young guys. AND THIS IS BERKELEY!
November 2, 2003. Photos.

Chaos Love Play Jam
AN INCREDIBLE 2-HOUR SONIC JOURNEY! some artists spend years creating such a complex, beautiful, scarey, sexy brain lunar exploring of inner landscapes. but, hey, we are lazy fucks. so we just channeled the magic! October 12, 2003. Photos
Erika Shaver-Nelson - vocals; Kirsten Rose - vocals & instruments from her bag of tricks; Michael Peppe - vocals; Stephen Jones -moog; Carlos - guitar; Skye - guitar; LX Rudis - moog voyager; Frank Moore - piano, vocals; Michael LaBash - mix/fx
November 9, 2003. Photos

Bill Beasley
Civil Rights & Gay Rights Activist. A founder of the Gay Pride Celebration in S.F. October 26, 2003. Photos.

Alden Bryant
Grandfather of the United Nations Global Climate Stabilization Treaties. October 19, 2003. Photos.

Peace Jam 3
with Dr. Oblivious, Kirsten Rose, Erika Shaver-Nelson, John The Baker, LX Rudis and Frank Moore. October 12, 2003. Photos

Dietmar Lorenz
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3. “Green” Architect, Daniel Smith & Associates. September 28, 2003. Photos.

Amy X Neuburg
Also listen to The Talk afterwards. September 14, 2003. Photos.

Lee Callister
Television Producer. September 7, 2003. Photos.

The Slow Poisoners
Also listen to The Talk afterwards. August 31, 2003. Photos.

Michael Peppe
August 17, 2003. Photos.

Debby Goldsberry
Berkeley Patients Group, August 3, 2003. Photos.

Normal and Charlotte
Reading with music by Frank Moore, Kirsten Rose and Dr. Oblivious, the musical intermission by Dr. Oblivious and Kirsten Rose or the conversation with Normal and Charlotte. July 27 2003. Photos.

Peace Jam #2 - Three Madmen
with Frank Moore, Michael Peppe and Andrew Goldfarb. July 6, 2003.
It was a wild, intense, full out jam of us THREE MADMEN! all 3 of us were on keyboards. andy was also playing a 12-string guitar, bass and jumping around with his sousaphone. peppe and i did spaz vocals and andy howled. we kept the fevered insanity for about an hour! Photos

Simon Harris
Organic Consumers Association. June 28, 2003. Photos

Carol Brouillet and Abel Ashes
Creator of the Deception Dollar, Carol Brouillet and activist, Abel Ashes. June 22, 2003. Photos

Shroomy Shroom
Listen to the music or the talk. May 25, 2003. Photos

Irina Rivken and Rebecca Crump
Irina Rivken, founder of the Rose Street House of Music and Rebeeca Crump perform live on the Shaman's Den. Listen to The Talk or an audio only version of The Music.May 18, 2003. Photos

Peace Jam
with Dr. Oblivious, Nate Scott, Kirsten Rose, Michael Peppe, Kalib Duarte, Pixie, Kitty and Frank Moore. May 4, 2003. Photos

Also listen to The Talk afterwards.... April 27, 2003. Photos

The Leeches (Video)
from the UK. Listen to The Talk or an audio only version of The Music.... April 20, 2003. Photos

Ruby Pearl and Steve DiAngelo
owners of Sacred Profanities, a new erotic art gallery in Berkeley, CA
March 30, 2003 Photos

The Jam
with Dr. Oblivious, Nate Scott, Kirsten Rose, Teresa Cochran, Frank Moore, Chris Miller and Lena Strayhorn the jaw harp queen.
Listen to The Talk afterwards .... March 9, 2003. Photos

Cindy Cohn
attorney with the Electronic Frontier Foundation
March 2, 2003 Photos

with Annie Owens
February 24, 2003 Photos

Kellia Ramares
R.I.S.E. Radio Internet Story Exchange
January 19, 2003 Photos

Joe Monday
Berkeley Liberation Radio
December 15, 2002 Photos

Carl Bryant
Union Organizer, Letter Carrier
December 8, 2002 Photos

Mel Gordon
UC Berkeley Professor, Theater
December 1, 2002 Photos

The Jam
Frank Moore, Teresa Cochran, Russel Kline, Stephen Jones, LX Rudis, Xten, John The Baker, Kalib Duarte
October 27, 2002 Photos

Vicente Balvanera
Argentina Labor Activist
October 20, 2002 Photos

Live performance of all their hits
September 14, 2002 Photos

Jen Neuber
Student activist, recently returned from Palestine
September 9, 2002 Photos.

Kalib and Pixie's "Wedding"
Lots of photos! May 26, 2002

Kriss Worthington
Berkeley City Council member
May 24, 2002

Koala Bear Moore
March 31, 2002 Photos

Dr. Susan Block
Sex therapist/Cable TV show host. February 29, 2002

Kevin Danaher
of Global Exchange
February 23, 2002 Photos

Andrew Poisoner! & Tom Neely
Live performace and interview. February 24, 2002

Judith Redmond
of Full Belly Farms, local CSA
February 21, 2002 Photos.

Kara Herold
Performance artist. February 17, 2002

Ron Jones
Performance artist. February 3, 2002

Blake More
Writer. January 23, 2002

Sol Divus (aka Michael Peppe)
Performance artist. January 20, 2002

Cindy Lubar Bishop
Musician. January 6, 2002

The Jam
Featuring Kalib, Pixie, Gio, Alex, Teresa and Frank. Photos. Recorded May 19, 2002

Sue Supriano
Producer of the series Steppin' Out Of Babylon which airs on LUVeR.
November 4, 2001 Photos.

Richard Edmundson
of San Francisco Liberation Radio along with guest DJ Deke
October 28, 2001

Larry Bearg and Lorene Reed
creators and owners of Planet Organics, an organic food delivery service in the Bay Area.
October 14, 2001 Photos.

Discord Aggregate
Video of the performance by Discord Aggregate on the Shaman's Den, September 30, 2001. Photos.

Shaman's Den Jam
July 15, 2001. Photos.

John Seabury
July 8, 2001

Chemystry Set
June 17, 2001. Photos.

Peter Weiss
June 10, 2001. Photos.

Steve Zeltzer
June 3, 2001. Photos.

Slave Revolt Radio
Gerald Smith and Tracy James. June 1, 2001. Photos.

Elliot Lessing
May 27, 2001. Photos.

PD Scott
May 20, 2001. Photos.

Elder Freeman and David Johnson
former Black Panther Party members
April 22, 2001. Photos.

Tony Seymour
April 1, 2001. Photos.

Kirk Lumpkin
March 25, 2001. Photos.

Stephen Kent
Stephen Kent (didgeridoo) and Frank Moore (vocals) jam on the Shaman's Den. March 11, 2001. The entire program will be archived soon. Photos. Also watch the video of the performance here.

February 25, 2001. Photos.

Katy Bell & M.I. Blue
SF DadaFest organizers
February 18, 2001. Photos.

February 11, 2001. Photos.

Faun Fables
January 21, 2001. Photos.

John Good, M.D.
January 7, 2001. Photo.

lori b
December 17, 2000. Photos.

Left Out Lamont
December 3, 2000. Photos.

Audio Terrorist
November 26, 2000. Photos.

Pauline Oliveros
Entire show audio only
November 16, 2000

October 13, 2000.

Dustin Presteridge
September 24, 2000.

Paul Griffin
August 27, 2000. Photos.

Gerald Smith
August 20, 2000. Photos.

Denise Demise Dunne & Damon Malloy
August 13, 2000

Erik Core
August 6, 2000. Photos.

Lori Surfer
July 30, 2000. Photo.

Stoney Burke
July 16, 2000. Photos.

Tony Ryan
June 25, 2000. Photos.

Big Willie
Video. June 18, 2000

Barb Golden
June 6, 2000. Photos.

The Jam with Teresa Cochran, Giovanni Moro, Walter Funk, John The Baker, Corey Nicholl and Frank Moore
May 28, 2000 – Read a poem about the evening by Teresa Cochran

Charles T
May 5, 2000

Andy Goldfarb
April 30, 2000

Marie Kazalia & Kelly Dessaint
Part 1 | Part 2 April 23, 2000

Kerwyn Kay
April 9, 2000. Photo.

The Slow Poisoners
March 26, 2000

Mary Davis
March 19, 2000

Les Radke
March 12, 2000

Eileen Kaufman & Dorothy Jesse Beagle
March 5, 2000

Philip Gelb
February 27, 2000

Joe Bryak
February 13, 2000

Diane Parker
January 23, 2000

Barb Golden
January 16, 2000

Frank Shawl
January 9, 2000

Leroy F. Moore
December 5, 1999

Paul Kealoha Blake
November 28, 1999

Bill Mandel
Part 1 | Part 2. November 14, 1999

Attaboy & Ben Burke
Part 1 | Part 2.October 24, 1999

Walter Funk
Part 1 | Part 2. October 17, 1999

Part 1 | Part 2. October 10, 1999

D. Michael McNamara, Kelly Dessaint, Lindsay Wilson
RealAudio.September 19, 1999

Seth Hebert of Dufus
RealAudio.September 5, 1999 ... or listen to just the songs he sang that night

Dale Jensen
RealAudio. August 22, 1999

Beatriz Flores
RealAudio. August 8, 1999

S.K. Thoth
RealAudio. August 1, 1999. See photos of Thoth's visit.

Dixi Cohn
RealAudio. July 25, 1999

Giovanni Moro & Teresa Cochran
RealAudio. July 18, 1999

David Steinberg
RealAudio. July 11, 1999

Raindog & Marshall Astor
RealAudio. July 4, 1999

Colin Manning & Zoeie Smart
RealAudio. June 23, 1999

Lee Gerstmann
RealAudio. June 13, 1999

Sez Giulian
RealAudio. May 23, 1999. Visit her website or email her at

Dorothy Jesse Beagle
RealAudio. May 16, 1999

Suran Song in Stag
RealAudio. May 9, 1999. Visit their website at
Watch the Windows Media video!

Walter Funk & Colin Manning
RealAudio. May 2, 1999

Jethro Jeremiah
RealAudio. April 25, 1999

Giovanni Morro & Teresa Cochran
RealAudio. March 14, 1999

RealAudio. March 7, 1999

Kirk Lumpkin
RealAudio. February 28, 1999 ... Featuring a performance by The Word-Music Continuum, which is Kirk Lumpkin (poetry & percussion), Mark Randall (bass), Paul Mills (guitar). Photos.

RealAudio.. January 17, 1999

Barbara Golden
RealAudio. January 10, 1999

Louise Scott Interview
Frank Moore interviews Louise Scott for FAKE Radio... a deep conversation with a wise woman, a cultural pioneer, a midwife, an international baglady ... (November 15, 1998).


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