Unedited original first thoughts hearing
Frank Moore's 'DYING IS SEXY' -the Jam (CD)

First, the cover:
Speaking of 'out of sight' gorgeous/truly CD ART
at its best, the cover "DYING IS SEXY" is
fantastic cover, perfect photo and as usual, the
painting of Mikee's in background (of many of our
photos) really makes 'the photo!' Oh if that
mural could talk!!! It's been around and the tales
it could tell!

The Color/Sound of the CD:

Now, tonight after warm/musical wandering-Jesse
on the Avenue, listened to your CD "Dying is Sexy"
(I started to type Sexy is Dying which it is if it's
good sex!)

by Jesse Beagle - 7/28/00

Other-worldly or in the micro-world voices of tiniest creatures/time
warp/parallel universe/or only a
new key on the typical piano 88, micro-world telling/
coloring/another life/experience over and under
what is known, connected to the all and all. Life in pure sound form
without skin/mouth/abdomen/
throat, stories echo from the BIG BANG unchanging.

Then receding as the always 'baby rocking' though
loud crashing ocean waves, hypnotizing the
rhythm within, the cycles within, then under water,
drowning yet breathing, enter the sea caves,
water mingling with water (us) liquid, undulating
masterfully, endlessly, waves lapping up YOU,
slapping gently, beached again, languid, foam licking your human
feet/flippers. A horizon to nowhere and everywhere.

You alone. You not alone. Billions of chattering
cells, almost subliminal. Even the jagged rock are not somber, nothing is somber, awesome but never fickle, the color/sound, the color/sound, quiet but never unnoticed, quiet, but never unnoticed,
the color sound/the color/sound. Never measured
stamped or curated. the color/sound the color/sound, it has
separated from earth as we know
it. the color sound the color sound. Flowing
from human vocal cords(chords) streamed beyond
decibels of sound to color, the essence of sound
only remaining. The essence! Is heard.
Music yet not music crept from audio to visual with
only the essence remaining. It is the essence you
hear. Like a baby human might hear before
yet out of the womb! Whispering echo drifting
over a stream of color - lavender, pink and yellow,
definitely yellow! Then! You are with earth's first
humans, Africa, an animal shrieked!! Again,
a comforting shriek! Never somber. An animal
called man has evolved! Much the same as any
man! He said: "Death, which came with birth..."
and is interchangeable. This is the ecstasy of
death and is the ecstasy of life. Receding,
receding, as the tide recedes rhythmically, dissipating
as low white cloud - the heavens! jungle
green is evident now and first human animal bathes gently the paws of a
small, 4 footed friend, a gesture
to the non-human but equal family member, a
gesture of gratefulness for the company of this knowing one, closer to
the evolutionary beginning!

Human vocal cords transmuting to primal sound/color, diving
Now! diving to the ocean bottom,
strange creatures here! intricate by whose
design? Now to mystify! Reach depths of the big
Ocean, a sudden rumbling sound but don't fear! The calm of beauty is
all, you are not alone. This is grandness you hear, not monstrosity or
'overbearingness.' This is letting go!! Letting
go!! Receding to the gentle chattering of earthen again sounds,
subliminal rhythm against caterpillar Butterfly
changes/changes/changes. Still the sea of undulating remains, eternal,
sexual energies erase
time - a timeless orgasm of color (from sound!)

As conversation with the all in all
be in be
once and now
the beginning and the ending
the four-footed, two footed
those with fins and wings
color sound
echoing now return
which is the same as not returning to planet earth
leaving planet earth
but not returning
circular in fact!

Is she naming the animals?
You can't be sure
that she is not Eve
Sound mixed through streaming clouds
hearing over and under oceanic energy
Again, the mating chimpanzee
the highest mountain peak filters through
fluid color/sound contracting again to music
but it is not voice
it is the throat transmuted to color/sound entering the listeners
cells - a Deaf man could hear!
Not through the ears,
but as a dolphin, through his skin
vocal vibrations trumped by non human vibrations
soul energy vibrations/FIRST Homo Sapien vibration

The roar of a lion! Roaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Not ominous, only calm with beauty.
Trumpet of an elephant, subsiding quickly
Then the voice of Linda?
Perhaps she is naming the animals, you can't
be certain
and perhaps she is Eve, you can't be sure!
Mid ocean undulation, birth of volcano
and then calm

A re-entry noticeable like human
baby's world if fur covered
or pink skinned!!
tender fingers soft fingers
stroke stroke lightly stroke
stroke lightly
No fear! no fear
No fear! no fear
only color
comfort round
the green of everywhere

Roar again
King Lion
for excellence (a gentle roar actually)
mating and celebration
cells dancing in the many oceans
wise ancient turtles carry
a surprised human on his back and far to sea
will he return?
returning in a circular motion

Echoing, now returning
which is the same as not returning to planet earth
leaving but not leaving,
circular, in fact!

2:42 am (c) 2000 DJesse Beagle

Written on hearing the CD
"Dying is Sexy" -Frank Moore Jam

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