4 musicians wound up at Burnt Ramen one night last week John the Baker, the woodstock punk arrested for the lyrical content of his songs, Blaine240 the acclaimed guitarist for the fierce, SF Bay Area hardcore punk band 240, Mykee Malin the man at Burnt Ramen Studios and a 21year old violinist, Emily, who plays currently with a local country rock style band in SF. None of the guys played together before and we didn't know Emily before this night and she blew our minds, Blaine240 thought she was gonna suck and now he wants to have her record a part on their new full length CD thats in the works. Mykee recorded about 80 minutes of stuff direct to his hard drive and John the Baker edited down a bunch of it to get these tracks. We've been calling Emily, "The Devil Herself". We haven't heard from her since except a friend said she can't stop talking about how much fun she had and that she really wants to get back over to Burnt Ramen.

You see, LUVeR listerners, this jam may never be more than what it was, a beautiful moment in musical time. We may never re-record any of this , we all have other musical directions and that is why it is essential for this type of format to be supported and honored. LUVeR listeners hear music that no one else ever will. This instant delivery of music from heartist to listener opens up a whole new world for musicians. With the doors wide open, the music can really fly, no constrants, straight from the heart. We don't have to worry about production values and costs and dead lines and over dubs and all the things that go into making a CD, anymore. We still will make high quality recordings, but we will also brighten your lives by bringing you music that lives in the moment! right to your home via LUVeR and the Internet. Many thanks LUVeR,

John the Baker
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