Friday, September 29, 2006

Ah well, another week, another great show and jam. It was a part of our monthly music series at the historic Burnt Ramen. This one was guest booked by the invisible Jesse Townley … which is like having an invisible midwife! Of course there was the usual stress of producing a show…like getting an e-mail an hour before we were leaving for ramen from Jesse saying that two of the bands … hey, let’s name names … Triclops and Monster Squad … had just canceled (the depth of non-professionalism!) … but Jesse got another band. I wrote back that I was looking forward to seeing [being with] him. But he turned out to be invisible.

The first band, Salem Lights, was your basic good rock’n’roll band. And I did your basic rock’n’roll interview with them. But after their powerful set, they embarrassed themselves by packing up and sneaking out within 5 minutes after saying they would play in the jam. A lot of people just do not get community building, being physically there to support one another … which is basic to the Ramen philosophy … which John the Baker and I took the opportunity to discuss on camera. Damn, one reason why I always show up is not to give people an opportunity to trash me behind my back on camera!

Then I turned my attention to the band Jesse just got us that morning, The Sweet Nothings (Dddave, Adam, The Rev. Dusty Danger, and Rob-ot). They are rather cute, sweet guys playing what they call “drive-by/country punk.” The interview turned out to be a deep hour-long exploration as they guided to Ramen, via a cell phone, their lost drummer, Danger. It turns out they have grown up seeing our fliers around town. So they were excited to be finally playing with us. They were determined to jam with us … especially after Salem Lights flaked … even after finding out they might have to be nude for the jam. They are pure addicts of playing music! They did an hour set, extremely high energy and just plain fun! And during their last song they all stripped to their underwear in preparation for the jam! (They dressed for the jam.)

To start the jam, Dr. Gruve on harmonica, John the Baker on the roto-toms, and I doing vocals set down the concrete for the jam for a few minutes. Then The Sweet Nothings charged the stage (hey, I’m still playing with 20-year-olds!) … as Linda, Erika, and I started singing together … nude skin rubbing me between them warm friction turn-on arousing as the Ramen dwellers Jaren and Sierra drummed arousal into reality. It didn’t let up for an hour.

What I can say? Everybody was blown out! The last time we saw The Sweet Nothings, they were listening to the cd of their set in their van … which can be fatal in that neighborhood! And Da Boyz are going to weather-proof the space … foreseeing a long run for the series. Oh, what people miss when they don’t show up … or stay!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

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