Friday, September 01, 2006

Well, we are excited around here. Last night we shot the first 3 or 4 episodes of our new music public access cable series, going deep to the core at ramen with frank moore. The idea of the show is we will shoot at the historic hard core punk haven burnt ramen (see the documentary the ramen days) on the last Thursday of every month … with guest bookers for most shows … and always ending with one of my cherotic all-star jams. Lob booked this one. Everything clicked last night, creating something much more than we had imagined, something that will build, will change things! In fact, by the end of night, John the Baker, God of burnt ramen, was talking about turning ramen into an underground tv studio!

The magic kicked in even before John locked the door before the first band started. THAT’S RIGHT! YOU WILL NEED TO GET THERE BY 7:30P.M. OR YOU MAY BE LOCKED OUT! The first band was Australia’s The Winston Giles Orchestra, which are Winston and C.J. Dolan. They fit this gig into their American tour. Their full deep rich sound was amazing coming from just two guys! Then I did my Dick Clark bit, interviewing them. They were blown out that there was a place like Ramen. Then I got John the Baker to riff about his vision. Everything was laid back but out there!

Then Instagon continued deepening the musical trance. This night Instagon was Lob on bass, Dr. Oblivious on keyboard, Zack playing a unique electronic instrument which he made, and Erika in a bright red flapper get-up on the roto-toms. We were slipping into goofiness when I interviewed them!

And it was time for the Cherotic All-Stars’ jam! Lob, Dr. O. and Zack [the only cherotic virgin of the night!] held onto their instruments. John the Baker took over the roto-toms. Dr. Gruve stepped in with his harmonica. Linda and Erika in only rings and pearls started tickling each other as they vocalized with me. Hey, I didn’t have on even rings or pearls! The tickling melted into dancing, rubbing together into each other, absorbing me into them, exploring secret inner places and pleasures, floating on the music, feeling the bass … music expanding into everything strobing multi-colors. The jam started there and floated deep into the warm body.

After the jam, John tried to do what will be seen at the beginning and at the end of every episode of the tv show. He tried and tried and tried. Those bloopers alone are enough reason to watch the show!

Now here is what Da Boyz wrote:

“It was a lot of fun setting up and listening to John interact with the Aussies who had just arrived ... the orchestra! And then you guys were there, and then the show was starting!

On our way home at the end of the night, after a very fun and full evening, we were talking about just how much fun it was ... It was a very satisfying experience to have the bands perform and then Frank getting a chance to talk to people. It was what you always wanted ... after seeing a band play, to be able to find out more about them. Satisfying was the word that kept coming up ... it brought everything that much closer and more personal, and Frank of course was so great as an interviewer. Corey said that visually, it was just so satisfying to get up close to everyone talking, something that he usually doesn't experience taping shows. More like a shaman's den in a way ... We just loved John's blooper roll early in the evening, and of course the taping of his intros and outros at the end of the night. Major fun! Of course, Corey was bummed that he had not caught what John was saying after Frank interviewed the first band, had turned off the camera ... Wouldn't happen again. Frank and John planning and talking shop was really interesting and exciting! It felt like home. We were saying how amazing the sound always is at Burnt Ramen ... it seemed like the jams always sound best there, and it also seemed like, even thought you couldn't really say this, that the jams just kept getting better and better ... we kept having the experience of it being the best jam ever ... one thing was sure, they were always evolving and changing, never the same, it felt like they were always deepening and exploring things further ... Linda and Erika tickling each other at the beginning set a great mood!

It was fun hanging with John at the end of the night and talking ...”

Can’t wait to see the bands that Jesse Townley is booking for the September edition!

In freedom,
Frank Moore

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