BCM board meeting. Mikee’s speech

I am Michael LaBash. I’m confused. You directed Brian Scott to review adult content shows for the week of Jan. 28th to decide which ones get moved to 2 a.m. I am not clear what he was looking for. I don’t understand this reviewing process. I am assuming he was looking for material that may be unsuitable for kids. But why? After all, these "adult" shows are for…well, for adults. We can assume they may contain ideas, subjects, language, images, whatever that are for adults, but which may not be suitable for kids. So why this review? It seems like you are looking for something narrow, but vague. Can we call this something sex or erotic? You are looking for this something, I assume, because it may be unsuitable for kids. But all of these shows contain material that may be unsuitable for kids…which is why the producers of the "adult" shows themselves picked the "for- adult" category. So I do not see any reason for this review. Mr. Scott said he didn’t find whatever you were looking for. Does that mean "the review" is over?

I don’t really understand the process. If you move all the for-adult shows to after 2am, I could follow that, even if it would not fit the current community standard. It wouldn’t be an attempt to limit the contents of the shows. The contents of a show is the sole responsibility of the producer of the show…or so we are told.
I don’t understand the logic of just looking at one week of shows, looking for some kind of images without taking them in the context of the whole show, and taking or not taking action based on this process. This process seems very similar to judging a book by a single passage, rather than on the whole book. Such processes have been declared useless long ago.

Such review would make some kind of sense if it included ALL shows, not just shows with the ADULT rating. Such a review would be to see if any shows should be rated adult [or, to use the common rating, TVMA]. Such a review would only be valid if it spanned several weeks. I should be very clear that I don’t think such a review is what you should do.

I bring this up because I was offended by ZILO TELEVISION which airs in the afternoon. I wasn’t offended with a rather dumb cartoon of poker playing dogs having sex human-style. It was just dull. But I was offended by the section of three guys going around college campuses, bribing students with cash to do humiliating acts such as pissing their pants on camera, making out with strangers, having money pushed up and down their bikinis, etc. Because I was offended, I shut it off. I also used it as an example of the attitudes that make people into objects. But what I didn’t do is try to have ZILO TELEVISION censored or removed. I do not have that right.

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