Frank Moore's Cherotic All Star Band at the Freedom To Be Human Ball 6.4.02


Here we are
In the shaman's Den
The Shaman on piano,
Bringing music out of infinite spaces
Inviting us to follow.
We find our own parallel musical paths
Each one different
But present,
Like a harmony.
Joyous play
With shamanic toys;
We are all here.
The silent one, Booya,
Is no less present.
Here he is
With headphones;
An omniscient being,
While we trust him
To stay with us
And participate in our adventure.
And oh, the magical recording later!
It contains things we could not, did not hear
In our shamanic journey.
I feel as if I have lived
At least one lifetime
During that one-hour jam.
Condensed, yet timeless.



© Teresa Cochran