The Madman's Spiraling Eyes

i LOOK in the mirror
AT THE madman's
spiraling, sPINNing into my eternal soul.
my facE, my minD, my body
expANd, contort, contract, the IMortAL, soul.

I peer Down mysteRious, multilayered
OverlaPPing visions etchED, fragmented d.n.a,
Laminated Senses Disarticulate,
past, present, past, future	
past, present, past, future
IN A muzzy image of rePRessIon
that Sends the trammeled hOmiNid
Into a FrEnzied confusion.

thoughts traiL Tracking a Psychedelic traceR
of light.
Images flow, cONverge, unite, and blossom ___
fade, wither, RE-blossom, and exPlode
into a matRix of pulsating prismatic light.

the mind folds in upon itself
to Expand to outer Space
and trieS to become nothIng,
yet the hOmiNid cannot shed its skin:
KUNDALINI has risen and bitten.

The hominid, I, am
Driven to maddness ___
Unable to leave.

A blue sea of badged white hats
                Blows in like evil
Filling the examination room.
Brass bars
And Brass chevrons
Shine in artificial light,
         Filling the blue beyond.
The     and     sky       and
    sea     the     swell     breathe;
The white capped waves have eyes
  In this malevolent and hostile sea.
    Like                    war
      planes           flying
          filling    the
The chevrons and bars move in to B
      The brass attacks
       Leeward, I Lean
      Resisting, riding
       The storm ----
         Like troopers
     The waves, the sky,
         The chevrons
        Overtake me,
          But I tack
   Keeping the mast erect,
      Keeping on my feet
   Yet the handcuffs lock:
"Tick, ick, ick, ick, ick, ick, ick."

I cede;
I bleed;
Blood drips
From my thumb,
Forced from the inside out:
Torn swollen wrists, twisted tendons, burned arms.

A self made marter
A state made marter
A prisoner of the Drug War
A prisoner of the Drug
A prisoner of the
A prisoner of
A prisoner
A _______?

The prison proletariat,
Trapped in this desolate
Trapped in segregation
Trapped in the hole,
Trapped in a procrustean Puritan oligarchy,
Looks in the mirror ______
His spiraling eyes 
Are trapped in this monkey's body,

Trapped in the corner of this barren cell,
amongst the fuzz balls, dust, and dirt,
away from the grass, trees, and leaves,
lies allen Ginsberg's
multiple million eyed monster,
dieing and bleeding

Its wing is broken
it is looking bad
it held hope, but
it is now dispair
it is physically nontranscendent
it is thirsty
it is on the end of my finger
I feed it water, but
it is trapped in the corner of this industrial
buracratic prison
it looks at me and says "NO."
No harmony will penetrate
the corner of this universe

I, will sit on this isolated cot
We are trapped in a avst spiderweb
The web of the billion - eyed monster
I sit on this cot
and read my charges
I can't have anything __
not even my pants
it has me
I wash, wash my face in the porcelian
toilet and sink combination
I dry it with a tee shirt,
a state tee shirt

I sit trapped in this cell
In this living tomb
Behind fences, superstitutions, razor wire
Prejudice, and loaded guns.
I sit behind you,
Behind politicians.
Away from you;
You are safe.

I rot an grow older:
Grow without my family, my dying family.

I watch the hues form patterns
On the floor;
I watch a
Form on the floor.

i LOOK AT my reflection in the window
at THE MADman's spirALiNg
wondering why i'M bound
to this contrAct of Life.  

-- John Rich #910243

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