Bird Bop

The band, the trio, be be-boppin',
Scat singin': "Oh shoo-be doo-bee;
do-bop, do-bop."
Be-boppin' above the tinkles and clinks
of cocktail glasses, beer bottles,
and wine corks-a-poppin'. The bassist be bangin', walkin' home and singin' with his bow. The drums and symbols bang, crash, thud, crack, and bash with syncopated beats. The bassist be swingin' and swayin' twistin', turnin', and thumpin'
to the squiggling sound of the saxophone. As the sax swings -- wailing and winding -- Bird lives in the quick riffs and sqeaking screeches of the saxman's tormented soul. Fleeting emotions hoot and hop embossing the fragmented music as the harmony, the melody and the rhythms repeat the beat, a bas-relief mirroring the audiences immortal soul. Bird lives as we feel his pain.

-- John Rich #910243

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